Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Christmas Ball

Photo By: Sarah K
I took this photo as a part of our “Macro” or “Close-up” assignment in class. When taking this picture, I was trying to zoom in and get close to the subject to see detail and photograph something from a new perspective. I like this picture because you can see the ice on the tree and the ball in detail and tell that it’s from a Christmas tree, but the ice adds a cool twist.

Frozen Lights

Photo By: Sarah K
I took this photo as a part of our “Macro” or Close-up” assignment in class. The idea of the assignment was to get in as close as possible and photograph subjects from a different perspective. I like this picture because you can see the details of the ice frozen to the lights and you can tell it’s a Christmas tree without see the whole thing. I wish the lights had been on when I was taking the picture, but other than that, I like it.

Christmas Colors

Photo By: Sarah K
I took this photo as a part of our “Photo Journalism 2” assignment in class. The idea of the assignment was to capture the essence of the season and for me, that is Christmas. For this picture I tried to capture the Christmas colors, with the red lightbulb in focus and the red and green lights blurred in the background. I like the shallow depth of field in this picture because it makes the lights in the background blurry and interesting.

Bench line

Photo by: Trent L.
For this photo I was trying for follow the line  with this buetiful hard wood bench in seattle. The way I took the photo was by finding a smoothe surface a lining the camera with the bench to make your  eyes follow the wooden bench. This phot took me acouple times to take befor I got it perfict. The only thing im dispointed with is that it gets a little bit blurry getting to the end but instead of that im happy with it.

Disney Magic

Photo By: Sarah K
I took this photo as a part of our “Light Box” assignment in class. The idea of the assignment was for us to build a light box from a cardboard box and then use it to set up scenes and take still life pictures. I had fun setting up different scenes but the main reason I liked this one was how bright and happy it is. Mickey Mouse and the other characters are happy by themselves, but the bright beads add a fun effect to the picture. I took pictures of this scene several different ways, but liked this arrangement the best because the sharp focus is on Mickey and Minnie but Donald is still a part of it. When I originally took the pictures, my white balance was off but I was able to fix the coloring of the pictures in Photoshop.


Photo By: Rachael P.
I was in Seattle on a trip when I came across birds by the drinking fountain. I know that the birds in the cities are more comfortable around humans and they let me come closer to take the picture other than the birds in PHS because they are more afraid of humans. I’m happy with this photo because it makes the birds seem more like humans by drinking out of the water fountain. I had attempted to get leading lines to draw the eye to the birds a bit more and it worked out a little bit. I would have however changed the photo to look a bit dirtier and made the photo black and white for a darker feel to provide more emphasis.


Photo By:  Kaitlin S.
I chose this photo because I like how it shows depth of field and rule of thirds. Also, the colors in this photo give off a wintery feel. I like the detail that the image shows and I am very happy with this photo.

Birds in Sky

Photo by: Julene E
This is a photo of a pretty sunrise in my neighborhood. In mornings if there is a pretty sunrise I take a picture of it with my phone. But since I had my camera with me I used it to my advantage. I’m glad the sky was the only colorful focus, and everything else turned into silhouettes. I didn’t use any fancy settings. I just pointed and shoot. It turned out great. I’m really happy with this photo. 

Neon Lights

Name: Campbell A.
In this photo, I tried to show the contrast of the bright lights. The bright pink and yellow lights leave a lasting image with their specific brightness. If I could try to redo this assignment, I would want to take the photo straight on instead of a side perspective.


Photo by: Brooke M.
For this photo is was on long exposures. U had gone out around 8 o’clock at night and set my shutter speed on a longer shutter. I had waited till cars came by on the over pass to get a cool looking picture od there tail lights going by.