Thursday, September 27, 2007


Picture by: Michael Pederson

I took this picture about 2 weeks ago. My friends and I went to red robin to get some food and I wanted to get a light saber picture of car lights on the freeway. My friend Ryan jumped in giving the thumbs up sign, and I thought he turned out cool and blurry like a ghost. There is a stick in the ground behind Ryan and a bush across the street that I made look like Ryan is holding and smelling a flower. I thought the shutter speed and the night time picture mode made this picture look cool.

The fair

Photo by: Kyle Bilharz

This photo was taken in auto I didn’t use any special lighting. Although I did enhance the color a little bit. Although if I took this picture again I would change the lighting a little bit so there wouldn’t be that glare in the middle of the ribbon.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Swings

Photo by: Katie Danner

This picture was taken right before sunset and the ride was just getting started. I like how the ride is placed in the picture and how the chains on the swings bring the viewers eye up or down the entire length of the photo. I altered the saturation and enhanced the lights of the ride to bring more attention to them. I would change the lighting of the picture, because even though the picture is bright, because it was getting dark so quickly it appears as if some areas are too difficult to discern from the rest.

The Red Dress

Photo by: Katie Danner

This was one of the most spontaneous pictures that I took at the fair this year. The little girl that I guess will remain anonymous was looking very intently at me, and when I went to take a picture, she turned to run, a little awkward, but I really like how the picture I managed to take turned out. Again, I accentuated the color of the object that I wanted to catch the viewer’s eye and isolated it in the picture. If I were to change anything about the picture I would have wanted to get her hand, I feel the photo is incomplete because it is just cut off.


Photo by: Katie Danner

This is a photo of my little sister, and while she looks extraordinarily sad, I think that this picture really depicts her deep and knowledgeable personality. She is a shy and secluded person but her beauty surpasses most. I increased the brightness and contrast to bring more attention to the colors of the background and my sister’s hair. The only thing that would change in the picture would be to have my sister smile.

The Firemen

Photo by: Katie Danner

I really love this picture. It’s candid and a fireman is really a figure that people warm up to and are comforted by. I wish that the feet of the man on the right had not been cut off, but overall, I like the framing. It’s not all people, but the presence of the two men bring character and a human element to the enormous craze that is the fair.


Photo by: Katie M. Danner

I like this photograph because of the angle it portrays. I isolated and enhanced the saturation of the green bottle to make its presence more dramatic. I did not completely remove the color from the background, I made two separate layers, one black and white and very intense and the other regular, but I reduced the opacity to a very small percentage. If I were to do something different with the photo I would crop it differently to bring attention to a different part of the original.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Stairs to no where

Photo by: Joe Boiles

I chose this picture because it has good lighting. Also the different textures make the photo very unique. I think that the water line in the tree in the back and also the bushes follow the elements of composition very well. I have to admit though; it was a photo that was on the run that just turned out very well. Just imagine what it would be like if I take my time.

Spinning Wheel

Photo by: Shabnam Azami

I took this picture in the fair. I really like the picture, because it is very unique. My picture is not in focus or sharp. I think that makes the colors cooler and it give some depth in the picture.


Photo by: Joanna Boschee

I took this picture, then went into Photoshop and changed the intensity of the colors and also the highlights. I enjoy this picture because of its bright colors and how the two sunflowers in the background are in good focus.