Tuesday, October 30, 2007


By: Zach Fuller

I took this picture in my backyard of a rose that was starting to die. I was going to take a picture of the color but I like the silhouette better against the gray sky. I didn’t really do anything too special, all I did was lighten it up a little to see the silhouette better.


By: Zach Fuller

I took this picture from my yard into my yard. I took the picture because I liked the color of the leaves in the trees. I just brightened up the picture, and then played with the contrast to make the yellow colors brighter.


By Kyle Bilharz

I took this picture at Chambers Lake when I went fishing with my friend Joe. I just like this picture a lot the way the trees reflected off of the water gave it a cool effect. Other then that I didn’t do anything special I lightened the picture a little more. But if I were to take it again I would try to add a little more contrast to where the line is for the water.


Photo by Michael Pederson

I was taking pictures of my dog Charlie Brown, and he started going crazy. I got close and took an extreme close-up. I titled this picture Attitude because Charlie was overflowing with it.

Rays of light

By Kyle Bilharz

This photo was taken at my house in my moms garden. I was messing with white balance. I think the flash was on that’s why the flower really stands out. This picture is one of my favorites. I just like the way it stands out against everything in the background it just bring your attention to the picture. Although I did do some retouching in photo shop. But other then that I didn’t mess with the photo at all.


Photo By: Kyle Bilharz

This is another white balance photo. I’m not really sure what setting it was in for white balance. Although when I took the picture it made the fish stand out really well which I liked about that. If I were to take this shot again I would probably try a different lighting just to see the different effects to see how that would look instead, but I m happy with how it came out.


Photo By: Kyle Bilharz

This photo was taken for my food assignment. I used the lighting in my kitchen and sports mode with a faster shutter speed to capture the pouring action of the wine. I think it turned out pretty good. Although I would have tried a different shutter speed maybe even white balance to see what it would look like but other then that I like the way it turned out.


Photo By: Kyle Bilharz

This picture is a web with a few flies caught in it. This is another white balance. I messed with this photo in photo shop. I messed with the color saturation in photo shop. I took out most of the color and when I did that I thought the picture look a little bit better after that then in the beginning. Other then that I didn’t mess with anything else in the photo.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Photo by Michael Pederson

My friend Tom and I were cruising around Puyallup and we ended up at PHS. He was slashin some 50-50’s on this guard rail next to the softball field and wanted to me take some pictures of it. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots, I think this pictures tells a thousand words.

We Hungry

Photo by Michael Pederson

I was about to eat this beautiful slice of rocky mountain fudge cake that my dad brought me from Black Angus. But right before I did, I remembered I had a food assignment so I took some pictures of it. I don’t think this is a good picture but I just like it because it makes me hungry every time I look at it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Love

Photo By: Melissa Parker

This photo was taken when I was playing with my puppy. I love how his dark black hair contrasts so well with the grey pavement. He was so cute just sitting there and he kept looking at me and it was so hard to resist that little face so I had to take some pictures.

Orange Water

Photo By: Melissa Parker

This picture was also taken at the Puyallup Fair. The reason why I really like this picture is because the orange and yellow light that is in this waterfall is mainly on one side. And you can really tell. Half of the waterfall looks colored and the other side doesn’t look colored at all. Also, if you look close enough in this photo, you can see water spots in the air that had hit the water and come back up.


Photo By: Melissa Parker

We had to take photos of food so I decided that it would be a good idea to take pictures of my sandwich that I got from subway. The only thing that I dislike about this photo is that at the bottom of the photo there is a shadow. Therefore, the lighting is probably the only thing that I would do different next time.

Fair Water

Photo By: Melissa Parker

I took this picture at the Puyallup Fair. I thought that it would be a good picture because of the orange and yellow lighting in the middle of the waterfall. And in this photo I like how even though there are things in the background, the water is still the main focus in this image.


Photo By: Melissa Parker

This is another photo that I took for our food assignment. Homemade nachos sounded good at the time so I made some and I took pictures of them. The lighting is probably another thing that I would do different next time. Because other than that these nachos look pretty good.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Photo by Shabnam Azami

Our class did take picture of fast food. I made the food and started taking picture of it. I took a lot pictures. Then I went to Adobe Photoshop CS3 and started working on it. I used Polygonal Lasso tool to cut two knifes from another pictures and put them in just one. I really like the picture, because it is really colorful and delicious.

Go Viks!

Photo by: Katie Danner

I like this picture because it is candid. Again, I really like that the people in the picture are turned away, it seems more to include the entire school and the spirit of the homecoming assembly, instead of just the two of them, had they been turned around. I didn’t alter the picture, but if I were to change it I may change the color intensities.

Before the Frost

Photo by: Katie Danner

I used the sixty millimeter lens on this photo. I like the color balance between light and dark and the position of the flower. It’s a little sad looking but I like that because it provokes the idea of the inevitable frost that will soon come with the Fall.

Holiday Spirit

Photo by: Kara Merkt

This was another assignment I did. It was for making a food look advertisements. I had a hard time getting started but as I started thinking about the assignment I started thinking outside of the box. I took advantage of the fact that it was fall and used the resources around me to make this photo. I just cropped the picture and changed the contrast.


Photo by Shabnam Azami

I took this picture in my school. I like how you see four cheerleaders in the front and four in the back. The flag has also a special light effect on it, and the rest of background is black. I thought it is a cool picture!


Photo by Shabnam Azami

I took this picture in the fair. It is a funny game to play. I played this game and won a nice gift. I took this picture for fun. I really like how it turned. It is colorful, and the main subject is in the center. The picture has also a good lighting.

I’m cute!

Photo by Shabnam Azami

I love to take picture of animals, and this one is so cute. I think he was couple months old. It was just cool to take picture of him. I really like this picture, because the background is not in focus and the animal is so sharp.

Time to stretch!

Photo by Shabnam Azami

The last couple days, I was looking for something special to take a picture of it. I saw the animal outside trying to get some food. It was really hard to take picture of it, because he didn’t stay in one place for a second. Finally, I got a good picture of him. I really like the picture, because it has a good focus and lighting.

Respect for the Flag

Photo by: Katie Danner

I realize you cannot see the flag in this picture, but I just liked that I caught some of the cheerleaders during that particular moment. This, again, is a photograph of the homecoming assembly, and cheerleaders are a hugely recognized figure of high school spirit. I didn’t change this picture at all; the colors were just right because of the overcast sky. If I were to redo this I would simply wish to include all of the cheerleaders.

Pep Team for the Band!

Photo by: Katie Danner

Here, four very excited band member proclaim themselves the Pep Team for the band!! The really like the picture because of the pose and how all of the boys are placed next to each other. I didn’t do anything to alter the picture, it was just too in the moment at the Homecoming assembly.

Purple and Gold

Photo by: Katie Danner

This was one of the many pictures I took at this year’s homecoming assembly. I like this because you cannot see the students face but the intensity of the colors really accentuates the spirit of Puyallup High School.

Scream Your Lungs Out

Photo by: Kara Merkt

I took this picture for our expressions/emotions assignment. My good friend is the model, I asked her to help me out because she has an intense face. The emotion was anger. I think she did a wonderful job expressing it. For the picture itself I edited the contrast and put a omni spotlight so my friend was the focus point of the photo.

Foot Action

Photo by: Kara Merkt

This picture was intense to begin with but I ended up changed the contrast a lot. The original photo had a lot more blur so I tried to fix that as much as possible. I don’t know if I’m happy with the way it fixed but I still like the overall results of the picture.

The Back Trails

Photo by: Kara Merkt

This is another picture that I took on my walk. It’s in the back trails of Decoursey Park. The sun was just going down so the light was hitting the trees perfectly. I wish the picture had more of a story to tell. It’s a pretty picture but there’s probably more I could have done with it. Any suggestions?

The Month of October

Photo by: Kara Merkt

I took a day to just go out and enjoy my favorite month. This picture is the epitome of why I love October. I love the color and focus. Both, to me, stand out tremendously. I changed the contrast just a little. I’m very pleased with how this turned out.


Photo by: Caitlin N-Jackson

Our assignment was to capture emotion, I am almost positive I captured emotion in this shot. As she told one of her many stories I continuously took pictures and this one was by far my favorite. After I cropped the picture, I filtered it with a neon glow which gave it the perfect touch!


Photo by: Caitlin N-Jackson

That’s my little sister, and that’s her scary face. I captured this as apart of our emotions assignment, this picture is a little blurry which a shame is but I did manage to capture emotion. After I cropped it I turned the picture black and white and ended up liking it just as much as a color shot.

Dance the Night Away…

Photo by: Caitlin N-Jackson

As they danced I think I snapped about 20 frames, each one going with each move. One of many, this one just seemed to show what they were doing with out to much blur. Altogether the set of pictures are probably some of my all time favorite.

Midnight Bowl!

Photo by: Caitlin N-Jackson

Homecoming night we all went bowling, yes, in our dresses and suits. As every other player went up to bowl, I had my camera to my eye…the lighting and the movement seemed perfect together. I probably snapped about 100 to 120 frames that night, but I really loved the movement in this picture; you can literally see him bowling in action. After I cropped it I thought it was a bit plain so I filtered it with fresco and then it just seemed perfect!

Wine Tasting

Photo by: Caitlin N-Jackson

Our assignment was food; however I chose to do drink. Wine, a beautiful and relaxing drink seemed perfect; I took about 80 or 90 frames of both the wine and the bottle, but this picture stuck out for me. I liked how the wine bottle is blurred and then the glass is as clear as can be.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Photo by: Joanna Boschee’

This photo was taken at the Puyallup Fair. I tried to crop the other chick out of the picture, because I want the focus to be on the main chick and its reflection. I like the lighting of the picture, and how the reflection was captured. This picture turned out a lot nicer then I had thought.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Photo by: Michael Pederson

I went to the S ledges to take pictures, because it’s a cool looking place. We were skateboarding and I took a picture of a piece of my friend and the water in the background. I like how he is blurry and how the background is clear.

Friday, October 5, 2007


Photo By: Kyle Bilharz

This is one of my random photos that I took shortly after getting my camera. What I did was turn the picture to gray scale and went back over with the history brush and colored in the rose so that is stood out more and that the attention of the picture would be focused on the rose.


Photo by: Kyle Bilharz

This photo was taken at my house in the early morning. I like how it looks like I used flash at night. But I didn’t use flash at all just landscape, and the macro lens to try and get a close up of the plant. And in doing so it created some shadows which made it look like night.

Night light

Photo by: Kyle Bilharz

This photo was taken right out side my house. I was using the night mode. I tried using the lamp light to create shadows with the tree right there. But it didn’t turn out that way but the way the light comes from the side it gave it a pretty cool looking effect.


Photo by: Michael Pederson

One day I woke up and saw this beastly spider cillin in my back yard. I ran and grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of it. I wish the spider was a little clearer but I like how the background is so blurry.


Photo By: Kyle Bilharz

This photo was taken at a phs girls soccer game. I think she is coming down from heading the ball. I used the sports mode for this one. I just like this photo cause it looks like she is looking into the light. But if I could I would try to focus more on her because I don’t like the people in the back ground.

Caught in action

Photo By: Kyle Bilharz

This photo was taken at a PHS girls soccer game. I used sports mode for my shots and this one turned out to be one I the better ones. I wish I would have had the 70- 300 lens to that I could have been able to get a better close up, but other then that I like this picture.


Photo By: Zach Fuller

I took this picture on the last day of the fair, and I thought these giants bears were weird looking so I took a picture of them. I didn’t do anything special to this because I thought it looked good the way it was with the bright colors of the bear against the sky.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Viking King

Posted By: Joe Boiles

This is a picture of J. J. at our tailgate party before the game. That we won!! Its just a cool picture that I wanted to rub in the face of all the other schools. Ahahahahaha!!!!

Bum Nest

Posted By: Joe Boiles

This is a picture of a little house in the middle of no where. It uses the elements of composition and the rule of thirds so I think it deserves a spot.

Don’t drown

Posted By: Joe Boiles

I took this picture in Shelton on a rainy day. I really don’t have anything to say about it. I hope you like it.

Where the Red Fern Grows

Posted By: Joe Boiles

I took this picture at my wrestling coaches house and I like it cause it is a picture of a creepy little girl in the day time.

Long boarder

Posted By: Joe Boiles

I saw some guys bombin this hill by Rogers and I just had to take some pictures. I didn’t use any special techniques when I took the picture by in editing it I used they Dry Brush option to give it a painted feel.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Starting Line Up

Photo by: Joanna Boschee

Here is another photo taken at the Water polo game. This was the photo that I have always tried to capture because there is so much emotion going on; however no one can see it unless you relate to water polo players. Excitement, urge, and pressure are what the players are thinking in this moment. Once again, the lighting was difficult and this shot comes only a couple of times in each game. Therefore the pressure was on for to me to capture it the first time. I put the setting on close up to focus in on one player and have the rest more blurred in the distance.