Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

Photo by: Kara M.

This is a picture of a drama class at school. She was practicing a Shakespeare monologue while her classmates critiqued her. It was hard finding a place where I wasn’t visable.

Bike Riding

Photo by: Kara M.

I took this at the Puyallup skate park. My friend Jake is a sponsored BMX rider so I decided to take some pictures of him. The lighting was fantastic that day. I was really happy with the contrasting colors. I adjusted the colors in the ramp because they were a little dingy. Other than that, there was no editing done.

It Was An Accident

Photo by: Kara M.

I did a lot to edit this picture. I tweaked the contrast and used the burn tool on a couple different of levels. I really like the way this picture tuned out.

Time Stand Still

Photo by: Kara M.

I took this for the still life project. I really enjoyed this assignment and I am really happy with the turn out of the photo. I edited the contrast and turned it black and white. Other than that, there was no editing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Photo by: Shabnam A.

My brother was visiting Holland in his vacation. He brought some stuff from there. So, in my free time I took some picture of it. I hope you like it.


Photo by: Shabnam A.

I took this picture in the assembly at my school. I also used this picture for my still life assignment. I crop the picture a little bit to bring the subject more out.


Photo by: Shabnam A.

I took these picture couple months ago. I really like how the elephant is standing with his month open. Actually, he was eating the grass. I couldn’t get the picture that I wanted, but I got a good experience working with the animals.

It is time for Christmas…

Photo by: Shabnam A.

Our class had assignment to take a picture of an event. I thought Christmas is the best event. That is my favorite picture. I really like how I got three balls after each other. That makes my picture so cool. I hope you like it.


Photo by: Shabnam A.

I took this picture from our Christmas tree. I really like to take picture of Christmas, because it is so colorful. The angle and the lighting are good. I change the colors a little bit, and I am happy with the results.


By: Melissa P.

This is a picture that I took of my cousin when I was messing around with my camera. There was someone else in the picture but I cropped them out because I thought the picture would have been cuter with just her. And yes the picture was in color but I decided to change it to black and white. Those are the only two changes that I made to the photo.


Photo by: Katie D.

This is another photograph that I took down at point defiance. I haven’t altered this picture either because I really liked the lighting and color. If I were to change it I may experiment with black and white, and different lighting effects in Photoshop.

Looking Up

Photo by: Katie D.

I took this picture of my sister’s mannequin thing for my still life assignment. I honestly have no idea what it’s really called but I was happy with how the picture turned out.

Nomenclature of Sources of Emission

Photo by: Katie D.

This photograph is of my cousin. I used her as a model for my portrait assignment. I altered it significantly. I removed color from the photo and then altered the brightness and contrast to make it more related to the model.


Photo by: Katie D.

I took this picture last spring at the Garden’s at Point Defiance. I decided to post it now because, number one, I miss the sun, and you can see it a lot in this picture, and number two, because I like the depth of field. I didn’t alter the photograph at all except for cropping it. I may decide to use a sharpening mask if I were to redo the picture.

It’s KARA!

Photo taken by: Kara M., edited by: Katie D.

My classmate and I took this picture during class, and I didn’t have the honor of taking it, but I did mess with it on Photoshop. I cropped it quite a bit, altered the color of the eye itself and the rest of the picture. I added a lens flare just to see how it would look. I’m not quite sure how I like the picture but possibly with my next attempt a lens flare, I would know more what to expect.


Photo by: Caitlin N.

When I took this picture, where it’s blacked out, was very blurry so I edited it to make the lights the main focus of the picture. Not my favorite picture but I do like the focus of the lights; let me know what you think.

Sun Kissed

Photo by: Caitlin N.

Originally I took this picture because I really loved the sun hitting the mountains, then when looking through my picture realized that it had a sign on the top saying “Suntop Farms” and it made this picture even more beautiful for me because it really was a sun kissed.


Photo by: Caitlin N.

This picture reminds me of hide and seek, mostly because the sun is hiding behind the tree as though it was playing hide and seek with the camera. I really liked the way it came out so I didn’t find it necessary to edit it in anyway.


Photo by: Caitlin N.

This picture is my favorite, the way the sun hits the ground seems just so beautiful and peaceful; I don’t have much to say about this picture, I really just hope it can speak for itself.


Photo by: Caitlin N.

I took this picture right around Christmas time and I really ended up liking it, even though the top of the picture is slightly cut off; the colors in the sky catch my eye and the darkness bounces off of that, which I love.