Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Prepare for the Show

Photo by: Katie D.

I took this photo of one of my schools actresses before the presentation of Once Upon a Mattress. The original photo was quite different. The ISO was off and the lighting not quite what I was looking for. I duplicated the layer, and altered the color balance and lighting affects. I am generally happy with how it turned out but I am not sure what else I would do to edit the picture.


Photo by: Katie D.

I took this picture of my sisters’ and my own cat. It was for the Fuzzy, Furry, Cute Assignment. I realize that my subject seems a little cliché, but I enjoy taking pictures of animals. I edited out a picture frame from the background with the patch tool. If I were to retake the photograph, I would have attempted to set up more natural lighting. The lighting where I took the photograph made it difficult to focus of certain aspects in the subject.

A Winter Chill

Photo by: Katie D.

I don’t know what I feel about this picture exactly, I simply like the starkness that it presents. The focus on the tree and the blue of the sky lead my through the picture to the outer limbs that are in a great deal of less focus. I think its an alright photo that needs more visual impact.

Dried Up

Photo by: Katie D.

This is another one of my experimentations with the macro lens. For this one the sun popped out and granted me a few minutes of pleasant and natural lighting. I like how the depth of field turned out but I would like to have maybe made the photograph more interesting. It is not as grabbing as I would have liked.

Quiet Green

Photo by: Katie D.

I used the Macro lens to take this photograph. I experimented a great deal with several small subjects, and though this is moss it turned out to be my most interesting subject. It was cloudy outside but the lighting proved a positive thing for my photo escapade. I took several pictures of this moss and I was really pleased with how this particular one turned out. It’s dark and almost gray, but the lighting really makes the green of the moss very vibrant. I am happy with it. If I were to change anything I might see if I could make the focus different.


Photo By: Joe B.

I took this picture from the same tree down in Ocean Shores. It was from a different angle and I saw the sun through the tree so I snapped the shot.

$#!* the ground!!

Photo By: Joe B.

This is a picture I took of Jimmy running a move on an ER guy. I Liked how the guy is looking at the ground coming at him.


Photo By: Joe B.

I took this picture down in Ocean shores. I just really like how there is a random tree in the middle of the beach. One thing I did with picture was I removed about 20 people from the background. Well enjoy.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Photo by: Kyle B.

This picture was taken also during the snow day that we had. The reason I like this picture is because of the depth in it. With the one large branch in the front that’s out of focus with the ones in the back that are and the back ground is out of focus as well but you can still see the falling snow in the background. Although I did mess with the shadowing and brighten the color a little bit that’s all.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Waiting for you…

Photo by: Shabnam Azami

I took these picture couple days ago for my still life assignment. I changed the picture a little bit to make it more attractive. Anyway, tell me what do you think.


Photo by: Shabnam A.

I was really bored yesterday. I start working with my old pictures. I really wanted to do something new. Hope you like it…..


Photo by: Kyle B.

I took this picture awhile ago while I was fishing with my friend Joe. I really like this picture because sometimes its hard to tell which side is the water and which is the sky. I didn’t do anything to this picture accept adjust the color a little bit to brighten the picture. Other then that I didn’t do anything to it which is another reason why I like it so much.

Happy Little UFO

Photo by: Michael P.

I was walking through the park when I saw this happy little UFO fly by. I was like whoa and then I took a picture of it!

Happy Little Tree Friends

Photo by: Michael P.

I took this picture while driving up to The Summit at Snoqualmie. I like how the sky turned out so blue and I think the trees look real cool.

Little girl in the cold

Photo by: Kyle B.

This picture was taken during are snow day awhile ago. I went out right after I woke up and took pictures before the snow was all messed up and this was one of the shots I got and I really liked it. What I did was turn it to black and white and mess with the shadows and highlights to bring out some more of the detail in the picture.

Heart in the Sky

By Joanna B.

During the last snow day, the sky looked really cool. I took some pictures and when I looked through the ones I took, this one caught my eye because it looks like a heart. I did some editing to make the shape the center of focus. I also made some adjustments to enhance the photo.

Good morning Rainier

By Joanna B.

Remember a few weeks ago when the weather was literally freezing? Every morning on my way to school I’d notice how beautiful the sky was and I’d wish I had brought my camera. Then finally I remembered to bring my camera and was able to get a few good shots. Now I just wish I could get closer to the mountain that way houses and buildings wouldn’t be in the way, but at least I was able to capture the beauty of the sky right?

Happy Little Reservoir

Photo by: Zach F.

I took this picture out the window of a car on the freeway just past Snoqualmie. In Photoshop I made it a little brighter and upped the contrast. Overall I think it turned out looking like one happy little reservoir.

Happy Little Morning

Photo by: Zach F.

I took this picture over winter break at my cabin in Eastern Washington. I woke up while the sun was rising and I snapped this shot. All I did was add a little contrast to make it look more intense. To me it looks like one happy little morning.


Photo by: Kyle B.

This picture was taken during our field trip to the zoo. I like this picture because it shows the eagle really well and the colors of it. I didn’t do anything but lighten the picture a little bit because it was a little dark. The one thing that really bugs me is the dark wire thing going through the middle of the picture.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Star Light Star Bright

By Joanna B.

Not too sure what to say about this photo, except it did take some time to get the right picture because of the lighting. This one turned out good and I like how there is a silhouette of the flower.

Fine China

By Joanna B.

My mom has a case with all of her fine collectible China in it. This pitcher and glasses are really pretty and I am glad I got a good photo of them. Plus the lighting from the window behind me gave it a good look as well.


By Joanna B.

This is simply just a close up of my jewelry box. The hardest part was the lighting because the box is in my closet and there is no lighting in there, but I also had trouble with the flash. This one turned out ok though.

Oh Christmas Tree…

By Joanna B.

My grandma asked me to take some photos of her trees. She spends a lot of time decorating them and this one turned out great. I like that the tree isn’t in focus and that the lights are some what blurry, it adds character in a way.


By Joanna B.

This picture has almost a dreamy look to it. The birthday hat is pink and so is the background wall, plus the lighting all gave it a look that I really liked.

Home for the Fishy

By Joanna B.

This photo was cool because I got the ‘lil’ home statue in focus and the fish is in the background. You can’t see but there is a big fish inside the statue, which was also cool.


By Joanna B.

This photo is some what grainy looking but I thought the reflection part was cute. Plus it’s weird how the orange fish doesn’t have a reflection and he seems to not be there.