Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Photo by: Alexis W.

In this photo I tried to capture how old the lock and chain were. This photo is unique because I tried to get an angle that would specifically fit the angle of the chain. The chain drooped so I kneeled down to get a straight on shot of the chain, lock, and rust. To improve this picture I could have tried a different angle rather than just straight on. I am very proud of this picture, it is definitely my favorite picture so far this year.


Photo by: Lena M.

I took this picture in August at my boyfriends sister’s wedding. We were actually all looking at pack mules, so he was kind of distracted. I love this picture because he wasn’t expecting it. I was pretty far away but I was using my zoom lens, so I was able to fill the whole frame. Another thing I love about this picture is how his hat is backwards, because I feel like it opens his face up more. I wouldn’t change anything about this picture.


Photo By: Lena M.

I took this picture after school. I really wasn’t attempting to do anything at all. More than anything I was trying to annoy my friends by taking pictures of them. Andi started reading a text message and actually started laughing and she looked at something, so I just started snapping pictures off. I ended up getting a lot of good ones, this one being one my favorites.


Photo By: Jenna B.

On this photo, I liked how the background turned out blurry because I think it made the flowers stand out more, but I think it would have been better if it wasn’t as blurry. I liked how it turned out and I didn’t do any editing to the photo.


Photo By: Jenna B.

I took this photo of an apple tree. I liked how the sun was shining through the branches of the tree. The only thing I did to this photo was adjust the hue and saturation to brighten it up a little bit.


Photo By: Craig M.

I attempted to take a picture of my dog looking at something. I think I did a good job of leading the subject. And I am happy with the photo that I took. I think I could have made the picture a little bit more in focus.

Faucet Frame

Photo By: Craig M.

When I took this photo I was looking for frame to use.
At first the pictures weren’t all that good and then I found the
Perfect angle to use. I found the faucet and I attempted use the
black metal rail as a frame.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Look Back

Photo By: Mike K.

This was a very lucky shot. I was taking pictures of people going over the jump and he happened to do a look back at the guy behind him right when I took the picture. I had the camera set on the action setting, so it had a fast shutter speed. I did a levels and contrast adjustment in Photoshop. Next time, I will try and get some more background in the picture instead of just sky, but other than that, I am happy with the picture.


Photo By: Mike K.

In this picture I tried to show a different angle of the two riders coming into the corner. I had the shutter speed set pretty fast so I didn’t blur the background or the riders. I did a levels and contrast adjustment in Photoshop. Overall, I am happy with how it turned out, but next time I might get a little lower to the ground when I take the picture.

Fire Dahlia

Photo by: Lacey M.

This photo was taken when I was first trying out the camera, just walking around my backyard. My mom has all kinds of flowers and I always thought the dahlias were especially pretty, so I shot a few. There’s nothing really special about this photo, it’s just bright and vibrant and gorgeous.

Sky Dive

Photo by: Lacey M.

In this photo, I was walking around the fair before the rides started, taking pictures of the rides. When I took this photo I went up on top of one of the food court areas, in the deck seating to take this picture. I really like the way, the picture is only of half of the ride and it’s taken from an interesting angle. I really like this picture; it was one of my favorite pictures of all the rides I shot. I would have liked to get a few pictures at night, when the rides were going, but I only had my camera with me in the earlier part of the day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Photo By: Kaitlyn O.

In this picture I took was the ride jumping from the fair. The photo was in broad daylight and it took me a few tries to final get a clear shot of it straight in the perfect position. To edit this photo I edited the contrast to make the colors brighter and fuller and the background I used a filter just to make it a bit more interesting.

Light Trip

Photo By: Kaitlyn O.

This is one photo I took from the fair as you can probably tell it was a night shot.
In the background to the left is the Ferris wheel from the fair and in front of it is actually one of the spinner rides. To give this photo the effect it has I changed it from color to black and white and gave it more contrast. This ended up being the final result. I thought it was very interesting and somewhat a trick of the eye.