Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wind Chime

Photo by: Cory L.

I was at my grandpa’s lake house fishing and while I wasn’t catching any fish I decided to take some pictures. This is a wind chime that I changed the color of and made it look like a gummy wind chime.

Red, White and Blue

By: Lena M.

This is a picture that I took while I was at Bradley Lake. I was walking under the flag and I realized the way the light was hitting, and I loved it. I love the sky behind the flag, and I love the color in the flag. I’m really happy with the way this picture turned out.

Dominic D

By: Lena M.

This is also a picture of my boyfriend Dom. I was sitting behind him, and I saw this picture. Unfortunately, he moved so I couldn’t take the picture, but I did make him stand there again so I could take the picture. I love the high contrast with the sun shining in the background. I also took out a few power lines in this picture because they were right in the middle of the houses so it looked really distracting.

Chalk Nonsense

By: Lena M.

This is a picture that I took of Dom while he was coloring my tires with chalk. I love this picture because it’s off center, and I love the short depth of field. I like the fact that I made him out of focus, while my car is in focus. I took out some power lines in the sky because they were kind of distracting.

One Love

By: Lena M.

This is a picture that I took while I was outside with my boyfriend Dom. It was really hot outside, so we were drawing with sidewalk chalk in the street. I drew a peace sign and wrote “Lena & Dom” and then wrote “One Love”. I really like this picture because I love all the colors in it, and I love the angle in which I took the picture. I liked the picture better before I cropped it 8x10, but I still really like it.


Photo By: Jenna B.

I came home and saw these flowers sitting on the table and I thought they looked really pretty so I took a bunch of photos of them. This was one that I really liked. I cropped it a little bit and also adjusted a few other things a little bit. I think it turned out really good.


Photo By: Jenna B.

I picked this dandelion and I thought it would look nice with a wood background so I set it on my front porch. It looked nice in color but I changed the photo to black and white and I thought it looked better that way. I also adjusted the exposure a little bit. I really like the contrast of the black and white.

Play Ball!

Photo By: Jenna B.

I took this photo at one of the baseball games against GK. It was hard to get good photos because of the fence but I think the fence also added character to the photo and makes it more interesting. I also like how it looks like the batter is looking at the catcher and kind of smiling. The only thing I did when editing this photo was crop it because part of the fence was really distracting.

Fierce Flowers

Photo By: Jenna B.

I didn’t take this photo for any particular reason but I thought it looked really nice. I cropped it and messed around with the coloring and lighting a little bit. But I like how it turned out.


Photo By: Craig M.

This was for a reflections assignment for our class. I think that I could have improved it by have a subject on the reflection.

“Frozen Bath”

Photo By: Craig M.

I took this picture when it had snowed a little bit. I think I could have put the photo in black and white, it would have been a little bit better.


Photo By: Craig M.

I took this photo on a rainy day. Its of these chains that are connected to a swing. I think I did well on the lighting by not making it too dark or too light.


Photo By: Craig M.

This picture was for a depth of field assignment that we had done. I think that the lighting could have been a little darker. It is of a dog named raider. I think I did well on the depth of field.