Thursday, October 8, 2009


Photographer: Max Bylin

This is a picture of a piece of a wooden deck at my friend Spencer’s house. I didn’t edit this photo at all which is why I chose it to post, I think that the lines that you can see make an interesting combination with the blur.

Oh No, Spencer!

Photographer: Max Bylin

I was at my friend Spencer’s house when I saw that he was lighting things on fire with lighter fluid. I then decided that if he was going to burn his house down, I should at least try to get an interesting picture out of it.

I Love You

Photographer: Bailey H.

These stuffed animals were in our craft room in my house. This room use to be used for my moms gift basket business. The stuffed animals were left over from her valentines baskets. The stuffed bears so conveniently were set up in this exact position. I just decided to take a picture of it and it turned out to be good.

Welcome to Autumn

Photographer: Bailey H.

I was in my back yard taking photos for one of my assignments and I found this one to be more interesting than the others. This one reminded me of Autumn because you can tell that the colors of the leaves are changing in the tree.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bubble Bee

Photo By: Victoria G.

This picture is so cool to me. I love how a bee just came buzzing a long and landed on the very flower I was taking a picture of. I love the two different color of colors, and how the back round is all blurry. Flowers are so cool to photograph they all are different in there unique ways.


Photo By: Victoria G.

I love how this dog is looking up at me. The back round is my favorite I couldn’t ask for a better one. This dog loved the camera.


Photo By: Suki T.

Another picture taken by the for sale house across from us. A large bush had a dozen or so frogs on it, so I got down on my knees and attempted to capture the image. I balanced the color out on Photoshop and cropped a lot of unnecessary background from the shot. I’m really happy with the way the frogs were posed when I took the shot.

White Rose

Photo by: Suki T.

A photo of a rose I snuck into my neighbor’s garden to get, probably the only untouched rose left. I didn’t do anything to manipulate this shot beside balancing the color levels a bit on Photoshop and I’m really happy with the results and how it looks so natural.

Rose on a fence

Photo by: Sarah M.

For this photo I had to edit just a little bit. I changed the color to make the rose stand out more and cropped some of the fence out. I just thought it would be a cool photo because of the contrast in the wood in the fence and the flower pedals. I really like how this photo turned out.

Little Ballerina

Photo by: Sarah M.

This photo was taken at my neighbor’s house. I had a couple assignments due so I went next door and started taking pictures. Some she was just being herself, playing in the yard. This photo was one of them. I did some editing there was a mail box and a couple things in the way I cut out. I also changed the color to black and white and adjusted the shades a little bit. I think this photo turned out really cute.


Taken by: Sarah M.

This photo was my little cousin being crazy. I told him to smile and this is what he did. The picture came out a little bit too dark. When I was editing it I thought it was bright enough but it really just needed to be taken in better light. Overall I think the photo expresses who he really is and I really like it.


Photo by: Mackenzie F.

My cousin Krysten has the cutest laugh I have ever heard, and I really wanted to try and get her laugh in a picture, and I think this picture gets it almost perfect. I love how you can see the happiness in her face, and the blurred background.


Photo by: Mackenzie F.

For our fair theme I took pictures at the Coheed and Cambria concert I went to. I love this photograph because all of the band members look like they are really into what they are doing. The concert was great, and this photograph captures the feel of it. I like it a lot better in black and white than I did in color, and I love the length of the photo.


Photo by: Leslie F.

This photo wasn’t that hard to take because she was holding her self up so she wasn’t really moving her hand that much. I like taking picture of close up things like babies hands of flowers and things like that so this is my favorite photo. I like how the hair that she had in her hand came out very clear. I am very happy with the way the photo turned out I couldn’t have done it any better.


Photo by: Leslie F.

This photo was a little hard to take because she would not stop moving and it would always come out blurry. What I did was I was lying on the floor and had her look over the edge of her toy. I tried different setting to try and get the photo clear but then I finally found one. I thought the funny thing about this photo was that I made her smile and went to take the shot and it turned out like this. I like the way it turned out because this is a face that she doesn’t make very often she is always smiling.

Smoke on the Bottle

Photo By: Chandler J.

This is a picture I took at a tie dye booth inside of the Puyallup Fair. I really like the way this picture turned out with the smoke flowing out of the bottle and the tie dyed shirts in the background. The picture was taken close up, making the tie dye out of focus, creating a very unique background.