Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Apples

Photographer: Tiffany T.

I attempted to capture the color of the apples along with the brown leaves on the ground, signifying the fall colors all combined. I also focused in on the closest apple, so I added some depth of field. I am happy with the results of this picture, and how you can see the fall season in the picture.

Flower Contrast

Photographer: Tiffany T.

In this picture, I attempted to capture the vibrant orange color, against the green grass behind it. This gave it a good contrast, to emphasize the red orange color of the flower. I also focused in more on the orange flower, so the rest of the background looked blurred. This made sure the viewers eye was drawn into the flower, and I am very happy with the results of this picture.

Playful Sunny Days

Photographer: Tiffany T.

For this photo, I attempted to capture the sunshine to bring out the colors of the toys against the green grass, and I used the rule of thirds. I am happy with the way this picture turned out, with the sun reflecting in the picture.

Peaceful Silence

Photo By: Michaelle M.

This picture was taken at Decoursey near the end of fall. The dew had already evaporated and left the moss damp on the bench. I like how the bench looked like it had been sitting there and how it looked like it had only experienced minimal visitors since it had been placed there. I tried to capture the quietness of its surroundings. I didn’t edit this picture at all because I was very happy with the way it turned out and didn’t think that it needed further manipulation.

Left Standing

Photo By: Michaelle M,

I took this photo the weekend before Halloween when all the most desirable pumpkins were already picked. The only pumpkins that were left were the ones with dents and green spots. I attempted to capture a kind of sad mood and a lonely one, that’s why I left out all the other pumpkins and only put one in focus. I didn’t change anything about the picture because I likes that the green and orange were a bit of a darker shade adding to the mood of the picture. I think it really reflects the Halloween spirit.

Starting To Fall

Photo By: Michaelle M.

I took this photo in my backyard one day when the lighting outside was becoming dim. I tried to capture the drastic change that Winter can bring and how it changes the appearance of almost everything in this area. It reflects how Winter tends to bring a grey tone and mood when it comes. I did not edit this picture at all because I thought that it didn’t need any manipulation. I am really happy with the results and it is one of my favorite pictures so far this year

Take It In

Photo By: Mariah D.

I took this photo at the beginning of October, when most of the flowers in my garden have already wilted. This flower is one of the strongest that grow in my garden, and are usually flowering until early November. I wanted to show that autumn colors aren’t just for trees, and that flowers can be strong in the fall too. I set the camera to a cloudy white balance, but didn’t alter the photo.

A Lonely Day

Photo By: Mariah D.

I took this photo at the fair right after one of the rain squalls. I’d been taking some candid shots of people going by when I noticed a little girl running around looking for her parents. I took some shots, and then found her parents. In Photoshop I de-saturated the background, and then de-saturated the little girl to a lesser degree. I like how the photo shows a sadder side to the overall happy fair.

Candied Apple

Photo By: Mariah D.

Originally I’d wanted a caramel apple for this shot, but when I saw the candy apple I couldn’t resist. I wanted to capture how bright and sweet these apples looked, and the candied apples were so much brighter than the caramel ones. I changed the white balance of the camera so that the photo wouldn’t be dark, but otherwise didn’t alter the photo. Overall I like how the photo looks.

Pumpkin Patch Fast Forward

Photo by: Lisa Z.

On a cloudy day, I took a trip to Picha’s pumpkin patch. Out of a total of 200 photos, this was my favorite. It seems unique, especially after I edited it using Photoshop. The effect I hope it to have is to have a frame of motion around the two center pumpkins. I am proud of this piece of work.


Photo by: Lisa Z.

On a sunny day, in his natural habitat, this is my dog named Yoshi. I like the angle I chose to take this picture from, I got down to his level. It portrays more of a personal effect with the dog. I enhanced the summer colors so they are more vibrant than usual. I like the creativity for the composition of this photograph.

Sweet Pea

Photo by: Lisa Z.

I took my bird outside for a photo shoot. I took several different shots and got a few optimal results. This is one of the select few that I thought to be unique. I really like the colors and positioning of this picture. I like how focused I got this little bird and grass to appear.

Looking though the Light

Photo by: Kelly F.

I took this picture for our White Balance assignment. What my attempt was to make the leaves that were stuck in the light post to stand out. What I did to get the shot I wanted, I kept getting closer and really zooming in. With the settings of the white balance, I just kept changing it without not really knowing which one it was. But I really like how this photo came out. I don’t think I would have done anything different because I like the way it came it. To me this photo tell me that no matter what situation you’re in you can get out by taking one step at a time and squeezing thought the openings.

Puyallup Valley

Photo by: Kelsey D.

My friend Alex and I were walking around downtown Puyallup one day taking photos, and he thought it would be a good idea to get a view from up above. So we went in the city building on the top floor, and started taking pictures. I tried to get as much coverage of downtown Puyallup as I could; I thought it turned out pretty good.

Watch it Turn

Photo by: Kayla A.

A great way to capture student life – how I see it – is to go to the buses after school. Students love going home, it’s one of their favorite times in the school day! So when they are boarding the buses you can see them rejoining friends, being tired, and just being happy that school is over with for the day – such as illustrated in the photograph.

Did You Ever See a Pumpkin

Photo by: Kayla A.

Pumpkin patches are horribly muddy and getting on your knees and close to the ground in the mud does not please me, but for the sake of borderline cliché shots like this, I have compromised my comfort. Taken at Maris Farms.

There’s Bubbles in the Air

Photo by: Kayla A.

Once upon a time on a venture to the Puyallup Fair, a lovely man saw that I was taking pictures. He happened to be running a bubble stand and thought it would be a good idea to make huge bubbles for the photographer. This attracted children such as this boy and created a beautiful atmosphere. I thank this man.

8th Ave

Photo by: Jessica G.

This picture was taken when I was walking home one day. I thought it turned out pretty well, so I did some Photoshop on it and now it looks like it was taken while running, but it really wasn’t. This picture was supposed to be used as an example for the line element of design, but now it shows that and direction. I am proud of the outcome of this picture.

To: Grandma

Photo by: Jessica G.

I really like this picture because of its colors; they are so vibrant and earthy, they just say “its fall time”. I edited this picture in Photoshop, but I think it turned out better by doing that. The flowers are the center of attention and the rest fades out. It kind of reminds me how flowers will stay all year long, but fall will come and go then start all over again.


Photo by: Jessica G.

Description: It was difficult for me to take this picture because my cat is wild. To get him to stay in one spot is impossible, and in this photo, he just happened to be content with drinking water in the bath tub and getting it on his face. I am happy with the result of this picture because I like how his face is in focus, then fades out. I am also pleased with the colors because his eyes are so bold, that it makes the picture pop and they are the center of attention.

Running Water

Photo By: Garrett W.

This is one of the many stream photos I took trying to capture the water in motion so as to make a sort of blanket of flowing liquid in the photo. I wasn’t able to achieve that effect to the potential I was hoping but I do believe this photo came out with good contrast, colors and rule of thirds. I like how it has a foreground, a middle ground and a back ground. Just in general the picture feels complete, like a satisfying snapshot of nature at work.

Wall of Rock

Photo By: Garrett W.

This photo is of the inside of an abandoned cobblestone building, I found it in the woods practically in the middle of nowhere and it was quite unnerving. As I creped inside to find out if it was safe to explore I saw graffiti on the wall and stepped back to snap a shot. The detail of the rocks and the carved out words made for a good picture. I’d like to make a huge print and hang it on my wall, maybe I could trick someone into thinking it was real…

Through the Trees

Photo By: Garrett W.

This is a photo from a trip I made to Wilkeson one day, it was later in the day and the sun came out from behind the clouds and lit up the forest in a very picturesque way. I tried to capture the glowing green of the moss on the trees which I thought would be tougher than it actually was, however when I snapped the shot it came out like I wanted it to and the contrast was too good to pass up.


Photo By: Ciri F.

This photo is unlike any of the others I’ve posted. I wanted to do something different and exciting. This was at a football game for Puyallup, in the student section. I enjoyed capturing the happiness in the photo and all the expressions. After taking this I changed the contrast only a little bit, and made the picture black/white. Then I put a purple tint over the picture. I like the way the tint looks but it also represents our school colors purple/gold.

Locked Up

Photo by: Ciri F.

This was taken at Spooner’s Farms in the activity center. The subject is the wire fence, though there is a chicken in the background. I took many other pictures with that same chicken as the subject but I really love how my camera made the wiring look. The picture sort of tells a story, kind of. The wire represents the animal’s inability to leave. Due to blogging purposes, the photo had to be cropped. I like it better un-cropped, there are more details with the wiring that way. Anyway in Photo Shop I really edited this picture. Originally the background was super yellow making the picture a tad bit tacky. I stripped the color almost completely. Using my Canon Rebel t2i, I did not zoom but did manually focus on the wires.


Photo by: Ciri F.

When I was at the Pumpkin Patch I realized the lighting outside was too gloomy for the perfect shot. When I went into the gift shop, I noticed the lighting was a lot better than before. I started taking pictures of almost everything. Coming upon the raspberries I thought the reds of the picture would look really cool against the brown wood in the background. I took the picture with my Canon Rebel t2i, manual focus. I used zoom for the lens until I had just the raspberries and the wooden background in view, then focused and shot. Later on I put the picture on Photo Shop, all I did to manipulate it was raise the vibrancy to 45; making the reds really stand out.


Photo by: Brigitte F.

I took this picture at Spooner Farm for one of the themes for October which was Farming. I was trying to just take a close up picture of the brown goat and at the last second the black goat peaks under the other to be in the picture too and I thought they were really cute together. I was focused on the brown goat so the one behind him is out of focus a little. It shows the space between them but I would’ve liked it better if the whole thing would’ve been in focus and showed his expression more.


Photo by: Brigitte F.
I saw a pile of pumpkin stems sitting on a bale of hay next to the Pumpkin Sling Shot at Spooner’s and thought it would make a cool picture. I zoomed in as close as I could so the stems would fill my frame. I liked this picture more after I turned the vibrancy all the way up and lowered the saturation so that the picture wouldn’t be so bright without losing the greens and oranges of the photo. The end result of this photo perfectly depicts a trip to Spooner Farm.

South for the Winter

Photo by: Brigitte F.

I took this picture when I went to Spooner Farm with my boyfriend and his family. I saw some birds flying in a V so I snapped a few pictures before they were gone. The sky looked dull so I edited this image on Photoshop and gave it greater vibrancy and lowered the contrast to make the birds look more like silhouettes of birds. I also brightened it to make the sky brighter. I am happy with the end result.