Thursday, November 18, 2010

On the road again

Photo by: Daniel P.

I took this photo when I was in the car going to Anacortes WA. I was bored and need to do something so I took out my camera and stated to take some picture. I had to wait for the right moment before taking the photo. You can see that there is a black on the left and the bottom of the photo. I made it so the photo looks more interesting to the viewers of this photo. You can also see cars going one way and another. Stopping the car movement of the car would make me want to know more. The settings that I used was the night setting with no flash. Yes I wan happy that I took this photo.

Don’t Speed

Photo by: Daniel P.

I took this photo when I was on a walk. I saw this seep sign that was right on a curve of a road and I saw that would be a great photo. I had to get to the side of the road and take it before a car or something was in the way. I just used the setting of auto to get the photo. I wanted to remind people that you should always go the speed limit before you go in a curve. I am glad that I took this photo. I would add a car or a person to this photo to make in more interesting.

A slow journey

Photo by: Daniel P

I took this photo when I was walking around my neighborhood and saw a slug and said that would be a great photo to take. I had to get down on the ground to take the photo. I had to put a leaf next to the slug to balance the picture out. I took lots of shots to find the right one. You can see the slug’s antennas and it body and trying to product where the slug will go. That is what makes the picture interesting. I am I am happy that I took this photo. I would add maybe a another slug or more leafs to the photo.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Run Mason Run

Photo by: Brynn F.

This photo was taken at the Fort Steilacoom cross country invite. The subject of the photo is my younger brother who had to dive into the finish line to beat the guy in front of him. I was planning on getting a photo of him crossing the finish line; I never expect to get this shot. The unique thing of this photo is how you can see the determination in both of the runner’s faces and you can feel that rush of adrenalin. I was extremely happy about this shot and that it wasn’t blurry.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Counting Sheep

Photo by: Ashley D.

In this photo I tried to get really close, by getting that close the nose is in focus but everything behind it is out of focus. When taking this picture I changed the focus setting to manual and focused the picture around the nose. Overall I am happy with how this photo turned out.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Roloff Farm

Photo By: Sierra U.

When we were on our way to the Roloff Farm in Oregon we were driving down the rode and saw the sign so I decided to take a picture of it. For this picture I used fill the frame. I am very happy with the results because we were driving when I took this picture.

One pumpkin

Photo By: Sierra U.

This picture is of a pumpkin that I saw on the farm all by itself. For this picture I used the rule of thirds. Yes, I am happy with how the picture turned out. I really like how I have the pumpkin off to the side.

Pumpkins BIG and small

Photo By: Sierra U

This is a picture that I took when I was at the Roloff Farm. When I was taking this picture I was attempting to try and get different shapes and sizes in the pumpkins. I used leading the subject in this photo by the way the pumpkins are lined up. Yes, I am very happy with the results.


Photo by: Nik C.

In this photo, a windy road winds up North Hill. I drive up this road everyday, and in the fall season, the trees turn bright orange and I’ve always wanted to take a picture of it. I lowered the shutter speed so that there was extra light in the photo, and I edited the photo in Photoshop and added darker fades around the edges. I like how the photo is peaceful, seasonal, and moody at the same time. I am very happy with the result. Next time, the picture would look the same.

Thoughtful Harvest

Photo by: Nik C.

In this photo, Jordan F. sits pondering about his love for the pumpkin patch. I used the rule of thirds in this picture. Because of the brightness, I raised the shutter speed, therefore allowing less light in the photo, resulting in a more normal looking appearance. I like how the photo is in the rule of thirds. I am ok with the result, but next time I would try and catch a picture with no vehicles in the background.


Photo by: Nik C.

In this photo, a father and his son are at the pumpkin sling shot. The photo was shot just as the father launched their first pumpkin into the air. I tried to show the pumpkin in the air as it was launched, however all that is visible is a small black dot in the sky. I raised the shutter speed so that there was minimal blurriness. I like how the entire photo is self explanatory. I am very happy with the result. Next time I would try and catch the pumpkin closer to the moment it is launched.

Dollop of Daisy

Photo by: Nikki B.

I like the simplicity of this photo. I added a special effect of taking out the background colors. This caused the flowers to stand out as a single center of interest. I want people to feel enlightened when they view this photo.


Photographer: Nikki B.

Description: I was just getting home from cross country practice when I noticed that the sun was going down. So, I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. I tried to angle my camera differently so I could get the sky in the picture. I like this picture because of the bright colors in the sky.


Photographer: Nikki B.

This is a photo of my dog Bear. I like this photo because my dog looks really happy. I also like how her nose is in focus more then anywhere else. I like the way the background is still visible but not in focus.


Photo By: Kenzie R.

I wanted to catch some of the funny faces Dom was doing towards me and I managed to get a good one. The lighting could have been better, but all in all I think you can tell what the main focus of this picture is!

Pearly White

Photo by: Kenzie R.

I wanted to be able to show how white the flowers are compared to the green background of the leaves. I wanted the background to be somewhat blurred to see the effect and really look at the small white flowers.

Green Leaves

Photo by: Kenzie R.

I wanted to be able to capture and accentuate the color of the green leaves and have the color of the red leaf in the background. You can really tell what kind of texture the leaves have and the stem of the flower.

Misty Morning

Photo by: Kelly F.

I took this photo while on the city bus on my ride to school one morning. I notice how the cloud was above the mountain and fog all around. I thought to myself this would be an amazing moment to capture. I took many different photos of this and this was the best one. I really like how I got the train tracks in the photo also. The mountain, the clouds and the fog makes a perfect background. I didn’t used Photoshop and I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I love the way it is.

Reaching for the Sky

Photo by: Kelly F.

I took this photo at the Puyallup Fair. I took a many different shots for this and this one stood out the most to me. What is unique about this photo is the angle that I took it in. I love how the colors on the seats just stand out. I may look like I used Photoshop to make it look like this but I didn’t. I also like how I did the rule of thirds. I love the outcome of this photo. I wouldn’t have done anything different.

Meant for Passing

Photo by: Emily H.

This was taken for the photojournalism assignment, and provides a little window into one student’s life. I really like the motion captured in this photo, and the focus on him—which is hard to do manually when he’s moving. Needless to say, I edited this photo by desaturating everything but him, to draw attention to him since the rest of the picture was a bit busy.

Eden of the East

Photo by: Emily H.

Portrait shots are probably my favorite type of picture to take. However, with manual focus it can be a bit hard to be focuses completely, but this one worked out beautifully. I played around with the tones, creating a very nice compliment of color in my opinion, and desaturated the background. It also helps that the girl was absolutely adorable.

The Minor Lift

Photo by: Emily H.

I wanted to try and convey a sense of great height with this picture, since it’s one of the landmarks of Puyallup. It took some doing to position the Extreme Scream in a way I thought was acceptable in the frame. I wish I could have gotten closer, but then there would have been people in the shot. I really like how sharp this turned out, with the darker ride against the pale sky.

Pink Bubble Around the Sun

By: Dora V.

I took this picture when it was sunny I liked how the sun looked.

I zoomed it in towards the sun. Took the picture and liked how it looked. I am happy with this picture I think it’s very unique.

Duckling Family

By: Dora V.

I took this picture one day when I walking in the park. I saw the ducks and went close to them. I took the picture I changed the contrast on the camera. The picture turned out to be really good. I am happy with the results I like how it looks the ducklings following their duckling mother.

Pretty Bird

Photo by: Dora V.

I used this picture for the September theme. I attempted took a picture of a bird, I wanted the bird to look towards me to make it seem like it was looking at the camera. I zoomed in a little to make the picture clear. It’s a depth of field picture.Yes, I am happy with this picture I think it looks perfect the color of the bird makes the picture. If I had to do this again I would done it differently.

Water droplet

Photo By: Vardeep K.

This picture I took was at home in my front yard. The flower in size is very big and one day when it was raining I went outside and took the picture of the flower with rain drops on top of them. I really like the angle the picture and the entire flower didn’t get captured in the picture.


Photo By: Vardeep K.

For this picture I tried to take the pictures of the flowers with water drops on top of them. I made the camera zoom in and had to go to the flowers close by foot to get only that branch of the flowers. I really liked the way the water droplet appeared on the photography.


Photo By: Vardeep K.

This picture I took was at home. When I took the picture it was really cloudy. I saw one of the tree branches out. I took my camera and made it face up side down and took the picture so you can see the sky and the tree branches. The leaves on the branches turned out to look very nice with some dark and some light. I really like the way the picture turned to look like.

Grass Hopper Surprise

Photo by: Brynn F

I took this photo for are elements of composition assignment. I was trying to capture depth of field when a huge grass hopper got in the middle of my shot. I had to lie on the ground and get super close to my subject. I am proud how the rocks in front of my lens are blurry but the rocks and the grass hopper is in focus. I wish that I had would have gotten the grass hopper in better focus so that it would be in focus like the rocks.


Photo by: Brynn F.

This photo was taken in my backyard after it had rained really hard that night. I took this photo in the morning while everything was still covered in the morning dew. I had to get very close to my subject because I wanted to show the water droplets on the leaf. I am really happy about how close I got to my subject. Also that I got the water droplet at the end of leaf is a pretty cool element added to the shot.