Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holding On

Photo By: Tiffany T.

I like this photo because it really leads the photo with the way the railroad and the trees give a length to the picture. I also really like the colors that make you be able to feel the sense of fall in the picture. I really like the way this picture turned out.

Gold Christmas

Photo By: Tiffany T.

I like this photo because it got the gold Christmas ornaments in focus against the green background of the tree, and I like how they bring each others colors out. I also really like the effect the lights on the tree gave to the picture.

Seattle Alley

Photo By: Tiffany T.

I really like this picture because it leads the viewers eye through the picture. I was trying to get the gum wall on the side to still be in the picture, while still showing the length of the alley. I really like how the picture turned out.


Photo By: Nikki B.

I took this photo in Seattle. I like it because I like the way the bikes stand out more then anything else in the picture. I edited this on Photoshop by taking away the color in the picture and bringing back the colors on the bike.


Photo By: Nikki B.

I took this photo down town in Seattle. I like it because it shows how downtown actually is. I edited this on photo shop by making it black and white then I used the history brush tool to bring back the color on the guy in the corner so that he would stand out in the photo.

Gum Wall

Photo by: Nikki B.

I took this picture while we were in Seattle at Pike Place Market. The gum wall was one the first places we went. I edited this picture on photo shop; I changed the lighting and the vibrance to make the photo look even better.

Major Leagues

By: Mackenzie R.

I took this picture on my desk at home because I liked the way the wood looked as a background behind the baseball. I lightened it up a bit so that you could see most of the details and a little shadow.


BY: Mackenzie R.

This photo was used for a lighting experiment. I wanted to catch some shadow from the potted plants and enhance some of the detail of the flowers closer to the front as well as the leaves. I blurred some of the other parts of the plants to get a better view of the leaves and flowers.

The lunch tray

By: Mackenzie R.

I used this picture for the close up assignment. I enhanced the colors so that you could see the vibrancy and detail of the words. The lighting was difficult in the commons so I had to change the setting on my camera.

The Hidden City’s Lights

Photo By: Michaelle M.

This picture was taken in China Town San Francisco right as things were starting to get busy and the sun was going down. I like the way this picture captures how interesting this part of the town is because although it is a tourist attraction it still stays true to it’s Chinese heritage.

Silver Lining

Photo By: Michaelle M.

I took this picture on my family road trip down to California. I had just woken up when I looked outside and say this. I didn’t change any settings because I was in a hurry and actually liked the gloomy yet optimistic mood that the picture presented. Overall I am happy with the results and this picture will probably go into my favorites file.


Photo By: Michaelle M.

This picture was taken at the Marina at Pier 39 in San Francisco during mid-day. I liked how organized all of the boats looked and how the off white color of them all makes them kind of blend together and make a sort of pattern.

Soft Beads

Picture by: Mariah D.

This was for this circles assignment and I’d been running out of ideas. All the pictures I had been taking were in really sharp focus, making it seem kind of callous. I used a soft focus so that you could see all the details of the beads without the sharp glare of their reflections detracting from their color. I only cropped the photo in Photoshop.


Picture by: Mariah D.

I actually really like this picture, though most people think of space instead of bracelets when they look at it. I took some of my bracelets and was spinning them all together while using stop action to make sure it didn’t blur. I needed so much light to do this that it looked cold, so I changed the white balance to make the picture bluish. I didn’t Photoshop the picture except to crop it.

Secrets and Masks

Picture by: Mariah D.

This picture is of my sister Katie that I took for the “faceless portraits” assignment. I had sharp lighting that made the picture look harsh, so I changed the white balance on Photoshop. I darkened the picture and used the burn tool on the corners and some of the feathers. I like how it turned out, even though its almost creepy to look at.

Stringed Peppers

Photo by: Lisa Z.

These peppers really stood out to me because of they’re natural bright colors and positioning. This reminds me of something you might see in a market in another country. These peppers are beautiful.

Typical alley

Photo by: Lisa Z.

Walking through Seattle, I see lots of alley ways. They all resembled one similar to this. They were full of trash, pigeons and wall art. I like this picture’s vibrancy and angle. It makes it more unique.

And our flag was still there

Photo by: Lisa Z.

I took this picture outside the Pike’s Place market in Seattle. I like the simplicity. I edited it with grayscale and brought back the colors of the flag.


My sister, her husband, and I went to the Tacoma waterfront to take pictures for my parents for their Christmas gift. They wanted some new pictures of themselves, the newlyweds, to give to the family. Walking back to the car, I took this picture of them without them knowing. I edited it in Photoshop and now I’m going to frame it to give to them for Christmas.

Pike Place

Photo By: Jessica G.

When going to Seattle for a day, I came across some Christmas decorations lining the streets. I found this one of a little stairwell and took a picture of it. I didn’t know how it was going to turn out because I thought it was going to be blurry, but after putting it on the computer, I really like it because it’s so crisp and clear.

Peace and Love

Photo By: Jessica G.

This picture wasn’t planned because I was in my room taking random pictures one night, and ended up with this one. I thought it was going to be very blurry, but I like how it turned out with the shadows and the highlighting, and there isn’t that much blur.


Photo By: Vardeep K.

This picture I took was at Seattle when we went on a field trip. The flowers were at a shop in Seattle. The picture turned to look really nice and I like the way the flower way clear at the front of the picture and starts to get blurry.


Photo By: Vardeep K.

This picture I took was at Seattle when we went on a field trip. The flowers were at a shop in Seattle. I liked the way both of the flowers were laying there on the table together. I picture turned out to be one of my favorite.


Photo By: Vardeep K.

This picture I took was at Seattle when we went on a field trip. The flowers were at a shop in Seattle. I really liked the way the picture turned out to look like. Also I love the color of the flower.


By : Daniel P

I took this photo for close ups. I wanted to capture an everyday calculator that a student may use in his or her math class. I wanted to get the numbers and forma battens on this photo. I used auto mood to capture the image. You can see that the background is blurry and the front is more focus. This photo would represent Math and how math it is a challenge to some people. I am happy that I took this photo. Maybe if I zoomed in to the calculator more it would look more better than this one.

My New Face

By: Daniel P

I took this photo for faceless potties. I wanted people to realize that you do not always have to have your face in Portraits. I tried zooming in to capture the face but also the rest of the body. I used auto setting to take this photo. When you look at this photo it may remind you of a Jack in the Box mascot. I am glad that I took this photo. I would tell the person to have his hands lined up on both sides.

Rubber Bands

By : Daniel P.

I took this photo for circles theme. I went in closer to the rubber bands to capture the colors of the circles. I used auto mood to capture this photo. You can see the different colors in this photo. I want people to realize that a pile of rubber bans can be art. Yes I am happy about how this photo came out. If I reline how the rubber bans are. It may look different. Or Use only black and white.


Photo By: Brynn F.

This photo was taken for the assignment winter theme. For this photo I had to get on the ground and put my camera right on the tree branch. I also had to get super close to the tree branch. I like this photo because you can see all the way along the tree branch. I change the contrast in this photo a little so it wouldn’t look as dark.

Rain Man

Photo By: Brynn F.

This photo was taken when our class went up to Seattle for a day to take pictures at Pike Place. This photo is of a mural that was in Post Alley. I like this photo because the pink paper in the back ground really makes the black and white images pop. For this photo I crop it so you could only see the two images and then I played with the contrast to make the photo brighter.

Snow Flake

Photo by: Brynn F.

I took this picture on my front porch; my house was all decorated for Christmas. I had to get super close to my subject in this photo. I took this photo for our class assignment circles. I change the contrast of this photo to make it brighter and so that the white background would make the red snowflake stand out more.


Photo by: Kelly F.

I took this picture while I was fishing at Bradley Lake. I was taking random pictures of things and I spotted this area. I attempted to make it look like it was taken at a beach and make the sticks and rocks stand out so all I did was zoom in. I didn’t use Photoshop, and I would haven’t done anything differently

Viking Field

Photo by: Kelly F

I took this photo for our Skill Review assignment. What is unique about this photo is that the cracks in the photo really stand out and I was surprised and liked the way it came out. I also like how the background is blurry. I only used Photoshop to crop it. I wouldn’t do anything differently.


Photo by: Kelly F.

I took this photo for the Skill Review assignment. I was walking around Bradley Lake and snapped this photo. In Photoshop I changed the color to Black and White. I think it’s unique because I think it gives in more thought and makes it my mysterious when it’s in Black and white. I like the outcome of this photo.

Leaves in the Snow

Photo by: Lisa Z.

Finding fresh leaves lying in the snow is rare for Puyallup, mainly because we scarcely get snow in November. I took advantage of this, and took various pictures using these leaves as my subject. This was one of my favorite results.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Photo by: Lisa Z.

In his natural habitat, basking on his web outside my house, I found this tiny spider. In the picture it doesn’t appear so tiny, but it was. I used the macro feature on my camera to help me get a focused, up close and personal capture of this little guy.

Vote for Hans

Photo by: Lisa Z.

This photo is abstract and different than most. I got down to a ground level and tilted the camera. There are plenty of minor details in the background of the street, yard, etc. The focal point is the giant green sign. I also like the texture portrayed in the cement and grass.

A Cold Sun

Photo By: Mariah D.

I took this photo for the “Faceless Portraits” assignment in class. I took it on a day where the weather was changing so rapidly it was hard to keep changing the white balance. I’d been shooting cloudy shots when the sun came out for this one. It made the sunlight look almost cold and bitter, but I liked it. I only lightened and cropped the photo.

Stars in the Day

Photo By: Mariah D.

This photo was taken for my November theme assignment. While walking around downtown Puyallup, I’d been taking pictures of anything circular. When originally taking the photos, the sky had been stormy and dark, but when the sun came out I changed the white balance and got this shot. I only cropped the picture in Photoshop.

The Enlightened Bottle

Photo By: Mariah D.

For my lighting assignment in class I used an old style coke bottle. Originally I’d been taking pictures with soda in the bottle, but I liked the reflection without the soda inside. I had only one light from the side to cause the shadow in the background, but otherwise that was it. I didn’t alter the photo. I liked this photo because, though there was no soda in the bottle, the light seemed to fill the bottle.

And Next Door, We Have The Smurf Family

Photo by: Nik C.

In this photo, is a bright blue house. Probably is not the Smurf’s house, but I like to imagine it is. I used the single center of interest aspect in this photo. I like the bright color of this photo, which I accomplished by raising the vibrance and saturation of the photo. I like the result, but I whish there wasn’t any power lines in the way.


Photo by: Nik C.

In this photo, a tall windmill stands next to a pond full of ducks. Because it was dark out, I had to lower the shutter speed, however I’m happy that the photo turned out clear. I like that this photo is put in the rule of thirds. I like the result. I think this is my favorite photo I have taken so far.

Driver’s View

Photo by: Nik C.

In this photo, is my current drum set. I stood on the throne and took a picture from above. This photo had natural warm filter to it, so I had to desaturate it a little bit. This photo is in the single center of interest. I like how this photo shows everything on my drums. It was difficult to get a decent picture at this angle. I like the result, however I wish it showed more of the bottom of my drums. It cut off my left bass pedal.

Gold Fish

Photo By: Sierra U.

In this picture I tried to show hard light. How I did that was by focusing all of the lights in the room on the fish. I really like how the light is very focused on the fish, and its dark in the background.

No Face!

Photo by: Sierra U.

In my photography class we had an assignment that was called No face. In this assignment we had to take pictures of people not showing their faces. My sister used her scarf to cover up her face. Also, I really like the angle of this photo.


Photo By: Sierra U.

In this picture, I tried to create backlighting and to create a shadow up front. I really like how this picture turned out. I also like how the light reflects off of the other fruits to each other.

Pear Lighting

Photo By: Tiffany T.

This photo is from my lighting experiments and I tried to show side light by getting lighting on half of the pear, coming from the side, and the other side was dark and shadowed. This lighting gave the pear a distinct look against its shadow.

October Pumpkins

Photo By: Tiffany T.

I like this photo, because I used depth of field to focus in on the pumpkin in the foreground, and it made the other pumpkins in the background less focused. I think that makes it look like the picture has more depth, and draws the viewers eye to the first pumpkin. I also like how there is a lot of orange color, making you feel like you can see the season of fall.

Reflections of Seattle

Photo by: Tiffany T.

I really like this picture because the perfect reflection in the puddle shows some of the buildings surrounding me. It creates a neat depth for the picture, and almost an illusion. I saw the puddle and the reflection and though it was a perfect opportunity to capture a part of Seattle, with my camera.

Winter Wonderland

Photo by: Kayla A.

Remember when it snowed? Yep, that’s when I caught this picture, on the early release Monday as my sister and I were walking home from the bus. Here’s me being an irresponsible sister just to catch a good winter photo. Don’t you just love how her adorable red coat stands out in all the white snow? Methinks it was definitely worth it.

My Horizon

Photo by: Kayla A.

This was another shot taken at the beautifully scenic Gas Works Park. You climb up this hill and atop it, you find not only a beautiful zodiac stone carving, but a view of the skyline of Seattle. I was trying to experiment with skyline settings, but that actually failed. I do like how this turned out, and not to toot my own horn, but I think this picture is rather beautiful.