Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chosen One

By: Austin G.

This was the first leaf I was able to find that was changing color when we started this project and was lucky to find it on such a sunny day so that it really l helped bring out the yellow. I tried to get this leaf right in the center of my photo so the view know that it stands out right when they notice it.


By: Austin G.

In this photo I tried to capture the sun coming up and peaking around the corner of our school building but I had to mess with the white balance settings because of how bright the glare from the sun was. I also tried to avoid the middle so I wasn't focused on one particular thing in this photo. I wanted the viewer to capture everything going on around me.


By: Amy C.

Fall begins and the clouds begin to roll in. The rain begins to fall and we begin to pile on the layers. Puddles of water begin to form everywhere. Everything is wet and we start to complain like there’s no tomorrow. But inside we’re secretly happy that the rain is finally back.

I really like that the raindrops create a sort of line. I wanted to take a picture of some raindrops and that’s what I did, and like how it turned out.

Leaves Beyond

Photo By: Amanda A.

For this photo I was trying to get a unique angle of a tree, so I took a picture looking up the middle of a small portion. This gave the picture depth.

Nothing Like a Mother’s Rose

Artist Name: Cheyenne A.

In this photo I was trying to get the color blend of white and pink. It was very gloomy day but the flowers were still vibrant. It caught my eye and I took this. I tried really hard on the depth of field. You can clearly see all the pedals trying to spread out any way they can.

Hello, Mr. Bird

Artist Name: Cheyenne A.

My family and I made a day trip to the ocean and Mr. Bird here was following us everywhere we went. I tried to get him while he was in mid wobble. You can also see the horse and tire tracks. With the color of the sand and the other objects the bird is almost hard to see. I tried to get a certain angle where you could see him a little better. 

Paulie Want a Cracker?

Artist Name: Cheyenne A.

I was in the middle of walking when I heard a bird take flight and I wanted to get a picture of him in the air. Then I noticed later that he had a cracker in his mouth. So I not only got the bird in mid flight, but a bird with some food. Maybe a Nilla?

Vertical light

Photo By: Kathryn K.

I took this photo near the front of the Puyallup High School building. It was taken on a cloudy day. So in photo shop I made the middle of the tree (the part that you see that’s brighter than the rest of the photo) and made it into its own layer. So then I made the rest of the photo darker to bring out the part that I made a separate layer.

Winter Berry

Photo By: Kathryn K.

This Photo was taken between the LS building and the main building in one of the gardens. On the day that this photo was taken, it was also cloudy. So In photo shop, I once again (like the first two photos of this assignment) selected the white berry’s and made them into a separate layer, then made the background darker to help bring out the white contrast in the berry(s).


Photo By: Megan M.

With this photo I focused on the violet colored flowers.  I thought the slight angle made the photo a little more interesting. I also like the way only part of the flowers were in focus. This is not my best photo but I still like it and it’s still interesting to me!


By: Mackenzie Y.

I took this photo while walking around at school during class. I noticed this dandelion because it was the only one visible in the yard area and it stood out to me because it was so tall and not yet bloomed. 

Flower Buds

By: Mackenzie Y.

I took this photo while walking around at school during class and barely saw this small group of flower buds. I liked the colors of white and light pink in the flowers and like how only a few of the small flowers were bloomed while some were not. 

Wet Leaf

Photo by: Steffany W.

For this photo I was using the depth of field skill. I love how you can see the water droplets on the leaf, it gives it more texture. I also am happy about how the leaves colors were starting to change on the leaves so the soft reds made the leaf pop even more against the blurred out background. There is nothing I would change from this photo.


Photo by: Tanner H.

I took this picture while walking around school. I thought it might look cool. I think it looks okay and the lighting was alright. 

Only One

Photo By: Kathryn K.
For this photo, I took it at my parent’s gun club, at first I wasn’t sure of the photo, because I was picky about the angle, and felt that I couldn’t achieve the angle for some reason. And although the photo looks dark this was actually taken on one of the days that it was sunny! So, in photoshop I made the mushroom a separate layer, and the background I made darker with the brightness tool. This way the mushroom was able to stick out more.


Photo by:  Brenda D.

I tried to get close as I could to the leaves so I could capture the rain on the leaves. I also tried to make the look lighter than the background.

Tree Heights

Photo by: Brenda D.

My technique hear was to make the tree look bigger than it was. The lighting of the image is brighter in the top of the tree.


Photo by: Brenda D.

I tried to fill the frame with all the green leaves and make the red leaf the center of interest. I tried to make the picture look bright.

Red October

By: Austin G.

In this photo I tried to capture the rain drops as they were falling off the leaves. This photo was difficult to take because of how hard it was raining and how much wind there was. Also used the rule of backgrounds so that the main focus of the photo was on the forward leaves and took all the focus on the leaves in the foreground.


Photo By: Megan M.
With this photo I tried to use the rule of thirds. I had put the dandelion in the top right corner to do this. I also wanted the dandelion to be in focus and have the other little white flowers out of focus but trailing off to the left. I also wanted this picture to be simple and with just one dandelion I captured simple.

Tree Branch

Photo by: Tanner H.

I took this picture while working on an assignment and thought it looked good. The lighting is good and the focus is good.


Photo by: Jordan U.

I like this photo because it shows the process of autumn. The colors really pop and complement each other.  Like how some of the leaves are still green, some are in the process of changing, and some have already turned colors. The blue sky puts the image of what fall is supposed to look like with the changed leaves and the bright blue skies.

As Time Passes

By: Amy C.

As the years go by, there are things that are forgotten. People forget and move on. These lockers are abandoned, unused, forgotten. They hold the memories of those who walked through these halls before us.

I would have liked for this photo to be a bit more in focus. I wanted to lead the viewer to the light with the other hazy locks in the background and I think I accomplished that pretty well. Although I think there could have been a little lighter in the background.


Photo by: Tanner H.

I took this picture while walking around the school. I thought it would make a cool picture so I took it the lighting was good and I liked how the glass of the vending machine reflected some more colors into the photo.

Street Lamp

Photo by: Steffany W.

In this photo I was trying to use rules of thirds. It was really cloudy that day so the lighting was the best but I feel the darkness gives it more of a mysterious and gloomy feel. I like how the tree branches were in the background, it filled in the empty space that would have been there.


Photo By: Megan M.

With this photo I tried to capture the water droplets around the leaf. I wanted the droplets to stand out, I tried to focus on that instead of the leaf. I would have preferred the leaf to be more out of focus, but I still think that the photo came out alright!


Photo By: Amanda A.

For this picture I was trying to focus only on the leaves close up to give the picture some depth. As the leaves behind the focused part got farther away they also got darker, creating a distant look.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Make a wish

Photo by: Jordan U.

I like how the dandelion is the main focus in the photo but there’s also the green grass in the background. The green background is blurred and makes the dandelion stand out more than if the grass was more in focus. I like how the petals are the main focus.


By: Amy C.

Walking through Portland is outlandish and fantastic. The streets of Portland, as the summer comes to an end, are bustling with people. The public market is the main attraction. Art is spread widely throughout the city and I was luck to come across this gorgeous piece of art. I stood looking at it for what seemed like hours. It had a story to tell.

I wouldn’t change a thing about this photo. I used the rule of thirds and it turned out just like I wanted it to. I love how the lighting turned out.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Autumn is here

Photo By:  Jordan U.

I like how the one leaf is in focus. Theres many other leafs but your attention is drawn straight to the leaf in the center. I like how the sun is shining through the leaf. It makes the orange and yellow in the leaf pop more than if it were the same lighting as the rest of the picture.


By: Mackenzie Y.
I took this photo while walking around at school during class. I was first just taking pictures of this tree but as I looked closer I noticed this small snail moving down the trunk of the tree. I took multiple photos of the snail but liked the way this one turned out because of how defined the snail is compared to the background.

Viking Pride

Photo By: Amanda A. 

For this picture I was trying to capture a simple yet nice picture of the Puyallup High School sign. This lighting was not too bright yet it had its own Shadow on the marble.

It’s Bath Time

Photo by: Steffany W.

This is my kitten Peaches. She had just finish eating and was bathing herself so I took the opportunity to use that action to get stop action shoots. I thought the photo turned out okay. There wasn’t much lighting in my house so the photo came out a little too dark so I edited to brighten it up. I wish I had token the opportunity use other angles instead of just front view.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Welcome to the 2013 -2014 School Year!

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