Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Photo by: Steffany W.

I love this photo very much! The way the sun light is hitting the bush causing it to brighten up but yet cast a bit of a shadow is really cool. I also enjoy how the depth of field turned out with the bush behind, and a few leaves up front, got blurry. It really adds some depth to the image. I also like how there are different colors on the leaves, that really adds some texture to the photo.

Shining light

Photo by: Steffany W.

I took this photo of a tree near the gym at school. The sun was shining so beautifully on the leaves making the colors shin even more. I thought I was really beautiful so I tried to capture that. When I took the photo it didn’t turn out just like how it really looked, but the photo did capture a different feel. When I looked with my own eyes I didn’t see the sun shining though like it is in the picture but yet that was what was happening. Seeing the sun shining through, and its rays, like that looks really cool. The leaves have some shadowing, but yet also some brightness in them. I’m really happy with this photo.

Big Puddle

Photo by: Steffany W.

A few days before I look this photo there was a heavy rain fall so that is why there was this huge puddle in the street in front of the school. As I was taking this photo it was staring to rain, again, so the rain droplets showed up in the puddle adding more texture to the photo. I used Photoshop to brighten up the colors in it, which I feel turned out nicely. I love how you can see it was raining by the water drops in the water but it was sunny out.

It’s cold

Artist: Reesa W.

Description: We were out taking pictures, it was in the morning and very cold out. I love the looks on her face and her eyes, I also love how her hands are up by her face covered with her sleeves.

Leave fight

Artist: Reesa W.

Description: I took this photo for an assignment, childhood memory, and had my friend get into a leave fight. I use to do this all the time as a kid were ever there were dead leaves. I really like the leaves flying around and the face my friends are making.


Artist: Reesa W.

Description: This is my friend riding my horse, she took the riding crop and held it up like a sword. I like how the horse looks and the use of the crop as a sword. I just wish she wasn’t smiling.

Sitting on Rock

Artist: Amy C.

A diver sits on a nearby rock on break from a tiring dive. A friend keeps her company as she regains her strength. Rule of thirds.

Don’t Blink

Artist: Amy C.

After being tricked into looking at one another these Weeping Angels are stuck looking at one another for the rest of eternity. Rule of thirds and in photo frame.

Lying In Wait

Artist: Amy C.

A wild and rare pizza box has been sighted in Stanley Park, Burnaby, Canada. This endangered species lays in wait for its unknown pray to come along. Rule of thirds is applied and the image is meant to be a little blurry.

Lion in the Woods

Photo By: Megan M.

For this photo I used a lion’s ceramic head I had and surrounded it by leaves. I positioned the lion to look as though it were coming out of the leaves I thought it made the photo look more eye catching if the lion was positioned that way. I made the photo portrait and used the shade white balance to make the photo the way it is.

Fall Pebbles

Photo By: Megan M.

For this photo I was inspired by fall. I put a glass container with leaves and pebbles in it and placed it in a round fire place that had leaves in it. I thought the setting was different and I used the shade white balance because it was getting dark inside the fire place. I really like the warmth that it gives off.

Fall Ball

Photo By: Megan M.

For this photo I took the baseball mitt and ball and surrounded it by leave. I wanted to create a fall sports inspired theme. For the white balance of this photo I used shade to give it a warmer look instead of a blue tone. I also digitally put leaves in the top left corner to surround the mitt. This is one of my favorite photos ever.

Shading into Red

By Brenda

I zoomed in so I can fill the frame. What I tried to do is get a red background and the leaves green. I also tried to capture the rain drops.

Fallen Leaves

By Brenda

I’m looking upwards the tree. I tried to sharpen the image but it came out pixelated. I love this picture.

The leaves were falling and turning red and I thought that this was such a great picture to represent autumn. 

Rain Drops

By Brenda

I zoomed in so I can capture the rain drops that were fallen in the leaves. And I tried to sharpen the rain drops but they stared to look to pixelated. The colors reminded me of fall. I was satisfied how the leaves came out, except the colors of the background that merges with the leaves.    

Duck’s Portrait

Photo By: Amanda A.

For this picture I was walking at the park and the ducks all just started following me so I stopped and started to take some pictures. I really like this one because it had good focus on the duck and the green head was bright and the bill was nice and bright also which draws your attention in. The brown body of the duck had nice coloring to it as well. All around, I am pretty proud of this photo. 

In the Forest there is Light!

Photo by: Amanda A.

I love this photo because of the darkness of it. The tall white tree really stands out as it leans over the pathway. It was starting to get dark out but, that made this photo look even better because it made the tree stand out even more. This photo turned out great and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Pathway to Fall

Photo by: Amanda A.

In this photo I tried to capture a good rendition of my interpretation on fall/autumn. I feel this picture is unique because it has a different view of autumn, it’s not a typical autumn photo. I love how the leaves follow the pathway and lead you to wonder what is around the corner. This picture was hard to get though because it was starting to get dark out but luckily I got the picture. 
By: Tanner

I took this picture at school and I did edit it to put a lens flare but that was it. I liked how the sun was coming through the tree I thought it looked good.
By: Tanner H.

I took this picture near the back of the school I saw a pinecone and thought this picture would look cool.
By: Tanner H.

I took this picture at school, it was cold but sunny and I liked how the colors turned out on this picture I feel like the colors went together really well.


By: Mackenzie Y.

I took this photo on the front porch at my house. I liked the way the rain boots had pieces of straw coming out the top of them as I thought they were a good representation of October and fall.


By: Mackenzie Y.

I took this photo at my house in my front yard and liked the way the skeleton figurine looked against the mossy chair giving it a “Halloween” look.


Photo By: Mackenzie Y.

I took this photo while photographing objects in my front yard. The pumpkin was originally meant to be a candle holder but my mom now uses it as a shade for our light in our front yard every Halloween. I thought it was a good representation of October and I like the angle that I photographed the pumpkin.


Photo By: Kathryn K.

I like to collect skulls, so in my room I have a lot of skulls on my shelves. So I decided to take my studded skull and set it on my white sheets beside my bedside so I could get some natural lighting. I purposely wanted my photo to look kind of blurry though. Just to add a weird effect sense it was already a skull. 

Snow-White’s Killer

Photo By: Kathryn K.

This photo was taken in the same apple tree as the one that the spider web was taken in. The apple looked distant from all the other apples so he was a perfect target for a photo shoot! But I tried really hard in photo shop to make the apple stand out.

Vacant Webs

Photo By: Kathryn K.

I took this photo at home! It was foggy out and I was enjoying the fog from my bedroom window. I decided to go outside and take some photos of the giant tree’s that stood over my backyard since you could barely see the tops of them. While I was outside though I ended up finding this beauty instead in my apple tree.  

Paulie Want a Cracker?

Artist Name: Cheyenne A.

I was in the middle of walking when I heard a bird take flight and I wanted to get a picture of him in the air. Then I noticed later that he had a cracker in his mouth. So I not only got the bird in mid flight, but a bird with some food. Maybe a Nilla?


By Reesa W.

No it’s not snow its rain. I like how the lights hitting the rain, I also like how the trees sort of frame the building.

Hello, Mr. Bird

Artist Name: Cheyenne A.
My family and I made a day trip to the ocean and Mr. Bird here was following us everywhere we went. I tried to get him while he was in mid wobble. You can also see the horse and tire tracks. With the color of the sand and the other objects the bird is almost hard to see. I tried to get a certain angle where you could see him a little better.

Nothing Like a Mother’s Rose

Artist Name: Cheyenne A.
In this photo I was trying to get the color blend of white and pink. It was very gloomy day but the flowers were still vibrant. It caught my eye and I took this. I tried really hard on the depth of field. You can clearly see all the pedals trying to spread out any way they can.

Let’s go swimming!

By: Reesa W.

These puddles are everywhere around our school, which makes walking around and parking a little challenging. The title is an inside joke with my friends. I like the cars in the back like they are avoiding the water.


By: Reesa W.

I like how the red leaves are framing the green ones, it’s like the fall is surrounding the summer leaves and boxing them in.