Tuesday, February 11, 2014


By: Mackenzie Y.

I took this photo while photographing objects & people as subjects while walking around PHS. This is a photo of my hand that I randomly took because I wanted to try something different. I like that this has some uniqueness to the photo and I like how there is also visible depth between me arm and the background.


By: Mackenzie Y.

I took this photo while photographing objects & people as subjects while walking around PHS. This is a photo of my friend Chris’ retro Seattle Sonics jersey. I took this photo because I liked the jersey and I didn’t intend on the photo to actually turn out to have an angle or look that I actually liked.


By: Mackenzie Y.

I took this photo while photographing objects & people as subjects while walking around PHS. This is a photo of my friend Brittany and I like the way the lighting hit her face and I also liked the angle that I shot this photo.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Natures Spikes

Photo By: Kathryn K.

This photo I took at the beach a little bit ago. We were staying at a beach house, which happened to be on a cliff with really tall trees, it was really pretty. But I decided to go out into what there was of the backyard and take pictures of the beach that could be seen from the house. I noticed the trees that were alongside the yard, and how the branches were missing for the most part. The branches reminded me of Spikes. 

Beach Couple

By: Kathryn K.

Also other than the “Nature Spikes” photo I took while I was at the beach I originally tried to take a picture of the beach with the trees surrounding the water, but later found out after I had taken the photo and was looking back at it, that there was a couple out walking on the beach. So now that I feel somewhat like a creeper, at least they are somewhat framed into the photo. Looks kind of cute.


Photo By: Kathryn K.

This picture I took after Christmas when I received these gauges from my boyfriend as a present. They’re made of pure amethyst. I was trying to get lighting for the picture from the only window in my bedroom. And I noticed as I was taking the picture that the sun rays that were shining through the window glowed through the gauges. It made them look really cool. The colors kind of remind me of galaxy type colors (the different tones of purples).

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Photo by: Jordan U.

I chose this photo because I like the way that just the silhouette of the branches is showing with the grey background. It gives off a sort of mysterious mood.


Photo by: Jordan U.

I chose this photo because of the way the color of the rose pops with the darker background. I also like how the rain drops are in focus. They add a lot to the photo and change the mood a lot. 


Photo By: Jordan U.

I chose this photo because I like the way the whole photo is in focus but there are a couple parts that are more focused in on than others. I also like the way the rain drops are in focus, too. It also has very good color and vibrancy.

It had snowed.

Photo by: Steffany W.

I took this back in December when we got that powering of snow. I was lucky to be able to take photo of the snow because just an hour later it had all melted away. I love the coloring contrast of the trashcan against the snow. It makes to snow really pop. I also like the blurry of the back ground, it makes the trashcan pop even more.

There is a witch!

Photo by: Steffany W.

I took this photo back in October time when I went with some friends to a corn maze. I used photoshop to brighten up the colors a bit because it was really hazy looking but turned out great. I love the coloring and the sun flare.


Photo By: Steffany W.

I took this photo to try and mimic Jan Groover. It was for assignment where we had to take photos just like a contemporary photographer. I had to use photoshop to make it black and white and edited a little bit. This photo isn’t my favorite I have done but I still like the shadowing in it.

Shy Friend

Artist: Amy C.

A, usually, shy friend takes a moment to work up the courage to pose for a photo. Rule of Thirds Single Center of Interest Depth of Field

In Wait of a Rider

Artist: Amy C.

Transportation devices lying on wait for their riders’ return. They wait through rain, snow, and hail, waiting as long as it takes. Lines

Of the Viewer

Artist: Amy C.

We view and we share our views with others. We do this in many ways: voice, written word, photos.
A photo of the photographer. Rule of Thirds Single Center of Interest

Enchanted Ride

Photo By: Megan M.

This photo is of the Carousel in Seattle. The day I took this was a gloomy dark day so the original photo was pretty dark and I wanted the pink horse and the lights to be brighter and changing my camera settings didn’t help much. I did edit this in Photoshop to make the colors a lot brighter. I changed the tone, color, and then changed the brightness and contrast to make the horse stand out and then to kind of make everything else in the photo look a bit darker but still have color to it. This photo did turn out how I wanted it too.

Little Fella

Photo By: Megan M.

This is a picture of my dog. I took this photo with normal settings I didn’t change my ISO or white balance. The picture was originally bright it had lots of highlights in it. But I wanted it too look even brighter so I edited it in Photoshop. In Photoshop I changed the tone, color, and contrast. Then I went in again and changed the brightness and contrast to give it an even brighter look. This photo came out a little too bright and kind of looks pixelated which isn’t what I was looking for but it does look okay.

Rocky Waters

Photo By: Megan M.

For this photo I wanted to capture the path the rocks made. I was standing in a small light house so I could get a better shot from above than being on ground level with the rocks. The photo itself was plain and had a soft blue haze over it. I did edit it Photoshop and changed the exposure of light and changed the warmth of the photo so that it didn’t look all blue. I think the overall photo turned out great!


Artist: Reesa W.

I let the horses out to roll on the arena and have a little fun before I ride him. Da Vinci looks for another place to roll in the dirt.

Walk On

Artist: Reesa W.

My friend was trying to lung the horse and he was challenging her a lot. He would only back up. So instead of helping right away I took a couple of pictures and I liked how this one turned out.


Artist: Reesa W.

I was planning on taking this photo outside in the woods but it was raining too hard. So we took the pictures in the arena. I still like how it turned out. Da Vinci (the horse) kept trying to eat my friend’s sweatshirt and giving her kisses.

Dying Rose

Photo By:       Amanda A.

I took this photo back in October just as a practice photo to try and get familiar with the new camera for the school year. I was at my grandparent’s house and they have a bunch of roses that were starting to dye because of the change of the season. This was of the last flower on the bush and it turned out great how the lighting worked with no flash and how the flower was the only thing in focus. I love the colors of the petals and the light yellow in the center. All around I love how this photo turned out.

Model Behavior

Photo By:            Amanda A.

This photo is of my best friend who volunteered to be my model for an assignment called contemporary. The assignment was to take photos that were like a famous photographer. I chose to do mine on the fashion photographer Nigel Barker. This was just one of many but I really like how this one turned out. The lighting was perfect and the show in the back thankfully didn’t ruin the photo. The softness of the whites really made this photo work. It was actually a really hard photo to take with the lighting I had to work with and then copying the photographer’s work in my own image. All together it ended up turning out great!

Dark Peach

Photo By:            Amanda A.

I took this photo back in November for an assignment called Close ups. This was actually the first photo I took for the assignment as a test shot and I guess it turned out better than I thought it was going to turn out. I love how the back turned out all black and how the shading of the peach off to the side. I had put the light bellow the peach to try and get a cool shading effect for the photo and then I took the photo from the side instead of straight on. The photo is mainly in focus on the top of the peach but I think it gives it a better look to it. All around I love this photo.

Monday, February 3, 2014

U.S. of A

Photographer: Austin G.

Picture taken on the way home from Tacoma. Thought that the Flag and the pollution went well together. Guess I found a little humor in it and that’s why I liked it so much. Kind of a hard picture to capture in a moving car on the opposite side of the driver.

At Rest

Photographer: Austin G.

Walking along the train tracks in downtown Tacoma I discovered this pretty cool abandoned train car that looked pretty run down. Took me a while to get a picture I liked. Tried to not just get the train but the surroundings it was left at.

Unseen Waterfront

Photographer: Austin G.

Had to walk half a mile on railroad tracks to get this photo but I think it was worth it. I think the old trains and factory’s in Tacoma along with all the smog have a real grimy feel to them so I think that the black and white really helps bring this out in the picture.

Red bow

By: Mackenzie Y.

I took this photo on a field trip in Seattle while walking around downtown. There was a garland of bows outlining the perimeter of the stairway by Westlake center and I thought it captured the feeling of the Christmas season.

Christmas lights

By: Mackenzie Y.

I took this photo on a field trip in Seattle while walking around downtown. I used a fisheye lens for this picture and I like the way the lights looked in contrast to the city background


By: Mackenzie Y.

I took this photo while on a field trip in Seattle. The tree was huge standing in front of Westlake center of the city and I loved the way the oversized ornaments looked on the tree! I thought it was a good representation of December due to the holidays and I like the angle that I photographed the tree.

Half Way There

Photo By: Kathryn K.

A couple weeks ago my two friends and I along with my boyfriend went on another hike to Poo-Poo Point. There was a half way mark where we could rest after about 4 miles of non-stop hiking up steep pathways. So as my friends were catching their breath I took out my camera and took this shot. I edited it in Photoshop and messed with the overlay.

Sunrise, Sunset

Photo By: Kathryn K.

This photo was taken at the top after we finally reached it. Which was another 4 miles to the top from the mid-way point. It was a really tiring hike, but well worth the view. I can’t even begin to tell you how many photo’s I took of the sites that we saw. 


By: Kathryn K.

This Photo was also taken at the top, we had barely made it in time for the sunset, which was our whole goal. My two friends that I was with this day kept stopping though because they couldn’t handle the hike. But thankfully we made it. I didn’t edit this in photo shop, I liked the naturalness of the colors that my camera had captured so I decided to leave it as is.


Artist: Amy C.

Sometimes things get chaotic, out of whack, and sometimes we have trouble putting everything back into place, as it was before. But certain things have a way of falling into just the right spot.  Center of Interest


Artist: Amy C.

Bulletin boards: normally used to post information. But here people write and draw all over them. This is our culture. This is who we are. We can come together in the strangest of places. Center of Interest


Artist: Amy C.

Friends are, I think, the one thing that everyone should have. Be it one to however many you can handle. I love my friends dearly and I would do anything for them.  Center of Interest, Depth of Field

Winter Flower

Photo By:  Amanda A.

In this photo I was looking more for the winter effect, rather than just another flower. I love how the lighting works with the center flowers and how the pink in the center flower work with the blues in the rest of the arrangement. The photo clearly has a focal point. I love everything about this photo.

Roses of Red

Photo By:    Amanda A.

I took this picture at the market in Seattle. I love how the flowers are not the key focal point. You also notice the yellow flowers next to it and the Christmas ornament above the flowers. I really love how the top rose is in focus the most. 

Great Wheel

Photo By:  Amanda A.

I took this photo on a field trip to Seattle. We got to split into groups and walk around Pikes Place Market. With this picture I tried to capture what happens at the ports of Seattle and also something fun to do in Seattle. I love how I got the colors to work just right, the light blue sky with the white wheel and the multi colors in the background of the freight ship.