Monday, February 29, 2016

Rose Thorn

Photo by: Taylor H.

The assignment was Macro Close-ups and I took this picture of a rose bush. I think it’s cool how it’s only focused on one section of the branch so a few thorns. Also all the shadows that are being casted by the thorns and leaves is really neat as well.

Shadow Caster

Photo by: Taylor H.

For this photo the assignment was Macro Close-ups. In this picture I enjoy how the plant casts a shadow and the focus is on the plant. I used flash for this picture and I like how it made everything shine. I like how plain it is like you can easily tell the plant is the main focus.


Photo by: Taylor H.

This picture I took was for the assignment photo journalism that had a theme of essence of the winter. I like how the focus is on that one name card and it exhibits essence of the winter very nicely. It is also neat how there is shadows casted from the name cards.

Glass Design

Photo By: Gabby H.

This picture is of a glass bowl with a cool design on it. I was getting the picture close up because I like the color and the shape. I liked how the background wasn’t in focus so you can really focus on this unique bowl. The features come out when it’s close up and easy to see.

Friday, February 26, 2016


Photo By: Casey C.
This photo came as a surprise to me, for I didn’t expect the sunlight to work in my favor as well as it did. I like this photos focus and rule of thirds placement.


Photo By: Casey C.

On the only day it snowed in Puyallup, I went outside and took some photos around my backyard. This one I got from our many pine trees in our yard. I love the focus and how the individual snowflakes are clear to see. I also like the pastel type coloring through this photo and I feel it represents winter quite efficiently.


Photo By: Casey C.
In this photo I attempted to catch the lights of cars streaking behind them with long exposure, which worked out quite well with the semi-reflective wet asphalt. I did little post editing, just some color changes and shadow heightening to bring out the red streak, which makes the photo in my opinion.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tis the Rainy Season

Photo By: Bailey B.

I took this picture for our “Winter Theme” assignment, and I love how much it captures Washington’s view of winter. Rain drops and umbrellas. I also like how the ball is in focus and I am slightly blurred. I really like how it turned out.


Photo By: Bailey B.
Honestly, I have no idea what these are. They were all over the place at the park. I thought they were pretty interesting and looked very cool, so I snapped a picture. I think it turned out really nicely, and I just brightened it up in Photoshop a little bit.


Photo By: Bailey B.

I took this photo in Seattle at the Pike Place Market. I like how I edited it in Photoshop, where just the blueberries in focus are in color. I wish I had gotten just a little bit closer to the berries, but I think it turned out nicely.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Slippery Road

Photo by: Allyson L.
This photo was for the Photojournalism assignment. I named it Slippery Road because the road was snowy and every time I walked fast I would slip and fall. I wanted to capture the snow falling so what I did was take multiple photos at once and I picked the photo that had the best one of the snow falling.

Icy Leaves

Photo by: Allyson L.
This photo was for the Macro assignment. I named it Icy Leaves because the leaves have snow on them and they were Icy and hard. I took this the day it was snowing and what I did was try to focus on the leaves at the bottom. It was a little hard to take this picture because my fingers were freezing.

Jammin’ Out

Photo By: Allyson L.

This photo was for the Children’s Toys and I named it Jammin’ Out. I named it that because Elsa was listening to music and was jammin’ out and dancing. She was also doing some homework but she wanted to take a little break. This picture was kind of hard to capture because my room doesn’t have very good lighting so what I did was lower the shutter speed and I edited it on photo shop to make it a little lighter.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Serious look

Photo by: Katie H.
After many attempts I finally got the look I was looking for. I really like how his face is half dark and the other is light. It was hard to get this picture perfect but after many attempts and poses I got what I thought was perfect.