Friday, May 20, 2016

Over the Shoulder

Photo By: Michaela M.

I took this photo at Point Defiance Park, I liked the candid look of this photo. I like more natural photos when it comes to people as opposed to staged ones. This picture came out very nicely and natural.


Photo By: Michaela M.

For this picture I was trying to recreate a photo from Joshua Halling. I adjusted the shutter so that it would be slower and create a blurred effect. I like how it turned out, but I would do it at a different time of day and have my subject move rather than moving the camera so only part of the picture is blurred instead of the entire thing.

Up Close

Photo By: Michela M.

I like the composition of this photo and how it turned. The way the camera focused making the forefront pop made for a very crisp result. The blurred background gives the photo more depth and makes it more pleasing to look at.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

In the Streets

Photo by: Mazi L.

My friends and I were just about ready to walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame but before heading out we decided to look around us. I caught a nice shot while they weren’t looking, and I think it turned out great.


Photo by: Mazi L.

While in California, I tried to get the most nature shots possible. This bug is very stinky, but I’m glad while getting the shot it didn’t move. At least not anywhere closer to me. 

Flower Girl

Photo by: Mazi L.

The cherry blossom trees looked so beautiful, so while my friend and I were admiring them, I took my camera out without her noticing at first and caught her lost gaze.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mazatlán, 33 MPH

Photo By: Casey C.

This photo was actually taken from the back end of a taxi as my family and I were on vacation in Mexico. I wanted to capture a non-setup view of the daily lives of people in tourist cities, and this picture showcased one way of life the best. The clouds and the strange mask all work together to showcase a typical day for this citizen, while still keeping an air of storytelling for the viewer to make for themselves. 


Photo By: Casey C.

I wanted to capture a candid shot, one of my favorite types of photography. So when my subject wasn’t paying attention to the camera, I took the picture with the sun reflecting off of the water, making the subject become silhouetted. I love this photo because it creates a mysterious subject against a stark background. 


Photo By: Casey C.

This was from a portrait assignment, in which she climbed out onto a fallen tree extending deep into the sound. The horizon was set perfectly, so I took the picture and enhanced the background, creating a sense of amazement in the photo from my subject. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

By the Water

Photo By: Bailey B.

Description: I took this when my friend wasn’t looking but I really like how it looks very peaceful with him looking out into the water. 

At the End of the Day

Photo By: Bailey B.

Description: Because I was pointing the camera towards the light, the trees became a silhouette which wasn’t intentional, but I really like the end result. I brightened it up in Photoshop to make the sunset more prominent. I really like how the photo turned out.

By the Sea

Photo By: Bailey B.

Description: I took this up by the five mile drive at Owens Beach. I really like how the plants were a silhouette and the sky faded colors. I used aperture because I wanted mainly the plants in focus.

Monday, May 16, 2016


Photo by: Makenzie M.

This picture really captures what the studio portrait assignment was. It was to get loose and not be afraid to work the camera. Mikayla was a really good subject and in this moment I was just snapping the camera and caught this moment. I edited the brightness of this photo and the contrast.

Cloud effect

Photo by: Makenzie M.

This is one of my favorite pictures I have taken. It looks really cool doing forced perspective with the clouds. I saw some ideas online and thought this idea was really interesting. I didn’t change much on the photo besides the brightness and contrast of the photo.


Photo by: Makenzie M.

For this photo, I attempted to mimic a photo of Thomas Leuthard’s. I stepped outside and took a picture of my friends’ lower bodies and got the crosswalk in the photo. I did not accomplish the Dutch angle look of the photo that Leuthard had. Overall, I like the black and white aesthetic of this photo and it really closely mimics Leuthard’s.

Friday, May 13, 2016


Photo By: KayCee C.

I really like this picture because it really highlights one side of her face. For this picture it took me many attempts to get the lighting just how I wanted it. I also like that this is a serious picture.

Mount Rainer

Photo By: KayCee C.

This picture was also taken for the panoramic assignment. I like the way that I took this panorama because you can see the waves that the boat was making. This picture just shows the true beauty of Washington.

Mountain Range

Photo By: KayCee C.

I took this picture for the panoramic assignment we had. I really like this one because I was out on the boat and I looked at the mountain range and it was so pretty. I attempted to make sure that I captured the beauty of the mountains.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Boat Fun!

Photo by: Loren R.

While working on my panoramic, I saw a sail boat in the distance. I changed my lens right away so I could take a long distance picture. The sun and everything was just right for a perfect picture.

Seattle Art

Photo by: Loren R.

It was the end of the day and the sun began to set. We decided to go to a park we’ve never been to in Seattle called volunteer park. There was a tire was an artsy tire like thing, I had my friend get into it. The sun was at a perfect position so the lighting was just right. 


Photo by: Loren R.

On a day my friend and I skipped school we found this artsy place in Mount Vernon. We got out and looked inside the store. On the way back to the car I decided to take a picture of it. the picture has a lot of meaning for only 4 words.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sun Flower

Photo by: Mazi L.

This is a part of my forced perspective assignment. I think this is very clever at the least, and cool. I didn’t do anything special to capture this photo other than to get the dandelion positioned just right.


Photo by: Mazi L.

I was on a photo walk by myself in my neighborhood and there’s so many lilacs there. This is my favorite one though, it’s very clear and colorful.


Photo by: Mazi L.

I really like this photo, it’s adorable and cliché. She has a real smile, so it doesn’t look like the shoot was awkward and wasn’t forced.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Photo By: Courtney I.

Description: I love this photo I also took this on the photo walk assignment where I had to walk around and take pictures of the things I found interesting. I always find plants or anything natural interesting and that’s mainly my style of photography. I clarity of the white is my favorite part.


Photo By: Courtney I.

Description: I took this photo on a photo walk and I found these flowers and I loved the colors that they had. I used Photoshop to sharpen the photo and I really like how it turned out. I learned to again just see the world through the lens of the camera. 


Photo By: Courtney I.

Description: I took this photo for a photo walk assignment where I just walked around and took pictures of things I found interesting and I was very intrigued with the colors of these leaves and how they blended well. 

Monday, May 9, 2016


Photo by: Taylor H.

This picture is from the assignment studio portraits 1. I like this photo because of the lighting and the dark shadow. Also the flowers she is holding really brings it altogether. I think the background goes really nicely and matches great with all the blues and reds.

Light and Dark

Photo by: Taylor H.

This picture is from the assignment studio portraits 1. This is probably my favorite photo because of the lighting. The shadow is awesome and I really like how the background makes her eyes pop. 

Pretty Pink

Photo by: Taylor H.

This photo is from the assignment Personal Project 3. I was aiming for a long depth of field. In this picture I believe there is a long depth of field and the focus on the flower is great. The flower is really clear and everything else is totally blurred.

Friday, May 6, 2016

smoke clouds

By: Chris M

This photo was taken during a contemporary photographer assignment. I really wanted to find an industrial area that had steam or smoke that was being thrown into the sky. Luckily we found this, an oil refinery at the Port of Tacoma. I really like this because I believe it shows what industries look like.


By: Chris M

This photo was taken during a contemporary photographer assignment. For this project my objective was to take pictures of industrial areas. One challenge I had taking this picture was that my dad was driving and we couldn’t stop for more than five seconds because there was moving traffic, so I had a very small window of time to take and capture the photo. Luckily I had good settings already set so the picture turned out just like I had hoped.


By: Chris M

This photo was taken during a sunny day at the local Port of Tacoma. The purpose of this photo was to copy a professional photographer and mimic his pictures; I chose to copy Simon Butterworth. This was for a project of his called “Steel River” where he took pictures of ports and industrial areas. I turned the picture black and white because that is what Simon did in all his pictures for this project.