Monday, October 24, 2016

The scarecrow

Photo by: Brooke M

For this photo we were taking picture that reminded us autumn. I used the aperture setting so I could get the depth of field as you can see. If you start to look at the bottom of the picture it is blurred and get to the face of the scarecrow it is more in focus. It also shows good perspective.   

Me myself and I

Photo by: Brooke M

For this photo we had to take self-portraits. What I did was get a white background and got different outfits to put on. I had the camera on a tripod and used the self-timer to take the pictures. For this photo I didn’t want to just stand an smile at the camera like most people would but try something different and put a little motion into the picture.  


Photo by: Brooke M.

For this photo the camera was set on shutter seed because I was taking pictures of the JV soccer team. I wanted to get a different view and not just take pictures of the girls on the field but on the ones on the bench. As they are all intensely watching their teammates play. This photo also has depth of field 

Monday, October 17, 2016


Photo by: Cole G.

My photo is a picture of my friend Dylan who is taking a picture of a flower. I attempted to use the rule of thirds when taking this shot. I also tried to make it so you can see the background but after I took the picture it turn out that the you really couldn’t see the background that much other then its some type of nature. But after looking at the picture I realized that it looks better with the background being as it is. I’m happy with the end result of this photo and had no real challenge with it. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Remaining Flower

Photo By: Campbell A.

After a recent rain storm, I ventured out into my backyard. The only spot of color on the cloud day was one single yellow daisy. Contrasting the main focus of the flower to the ones behind, you can truly see the contradiction of its surroundings. Using this specific center of interest, you can feel the impact of the photo and its environment. If I could retake the photo, I would try to position the flower more closer to the bottom left of the screen, adding more background to the image.

A Darkened Light

Photo By: Campbell A.

Trying to take cover from the rain, I made my way over to a big tree at the end of my backyard. In the summer, we strung lights up for entertainment and parties. In this instance, the lights were coated with rain, not sun. Using the rule of thirds technique, the main focus is on the light bulb. The sharp focus makes the individual drops clear in the final image.

Withered Flower

Photo By: Campbell A.

While walking around my backyard, I noticed that there were only a select few flowers left in my garden. Since we just encountered a small rain storm, the remaining flowers were deconstructed, leaving behind one somewhat maintained daisy. In this photo I specifically focused on the flower as the center of interest. Positioning myself is a specific way, I was able to avoid getting the stem of the flower in the shot. Manipulating myself and not just my camera, I ended up with a great depiction of nature.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lonely Bench

Photo By: Trent L.

This is how I took this photograph. First, I found the subject I wanted to take the photo of, and then I look around to see if there was anything I could lean against so I could keep the camera still. Second, I leaned against a fire hydrant and changed the white balance to shade. Lastly, I focused the image and took the photo, and I am very proud on how it turned out at the very end. The photo actually looks like it is lonely because no one is swinging on it.   

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Bridge to Nowhere

Photo By: Stacia P.

For the photo walk assignment I decided to shoot a photo of this bridge that only has a little gravel patch after it. I attempted to capture the many lines of the bridge for instance, the lines that lead to the middle of the photo or the little gravel patch. I am pretty happy with this photo, I think it has followed many of the elements of composition rules well and that it shows my photo taking abilities. However, I would do some things differently looking at the final product. I would have centered the camera in the direct middle of the entrance in order to achieve a better proportional image. I would have also straightened the camera while taking the photo. I feel that if I did these things I would be extremely more pleased with this photo.


Photo By: Sarah K

I took this photo as a part of our “Photo Walk” assignment in class. The idea of the assignment was to spend some time walking around, taking pictures of things we noticed. This plant in particular caught my attention because it was lying dead on the ground, but once I got closer I noticed the thorns in the stems and thought they would make an interesting picture. I zoomed in pretty far in order to get the depth of field I wanted. I messed with the white balance in order to get a different type of filtered light on the picture. I like it because the lighting and color as well as the subject give the picture a very autumn-like feeling. While I like the picture, I think I could have done a better job with filling the frame and making use of the Rule of Thirds.  


Photo by: Rachael P.

In the photo, my friend was posing in front of the camera and having a laugh. In the photo I had attempted to make her look as free going as I saw her. I had also tried to make it look like in the photo the audience could see the camera in the picture through her glasses, it unfortunately did not work out.  Even though the picture did not turn out exactly how I wanted I am happy with the results of my photo because it shows exactly where I am right now. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Untold Secret to Mastering Plants In Just 3 Days

Photo by: Noah T. L.

I took a close up photo on a plant to get high quality details you can’t normally see unless you get really close to the plant itself. I eliminated the background by having it be blurred out so you can focus on the detail in the flower. I got close enough to it to where I wouldn’t need to zoom in then stood back slightly and zoomed in, auto focus wouldn’t capture the flower on its own so I manually adjusted the focus so the closest parts of the plant were noticeable. I’m happy with some parts of the image; I wish more could be in focus on the plant itself but the camera wouldn’t have perfect focus on everything shown. I would have to reposition myself or find a different part of the plant.

Pink Flowers

Photo By: Kaitlin S.

While I was trying to take this photo I was trying to get a unique perspective on the flower by shooting from different angles. I was trying to use elements of composition by having a specific center of interest. While taking the photo o changed the aperture around a lot in order for the background of the photo to be blurred in order to emphasize the flowers. I like that the photo shows a lot of detail on the flowers but if I were to take the same picture again then I would try and get the right side flower more in focus.

Photo by: Joshua Binford

I attempted to use the fence as a leading line and direct the reader’s attention further into the photo at the center. In order to achieve the look in the photo, I went outside at a time where it was getting dark and shady. I then used a 1/15 shutter speed and 3.8 F stop in order to get a brighter and more saturated photo, with strikingly unique colors. I am very happy with this photo and the results I received, I would not do anything differently if given the opportunity to retake the photo.

Thursday, October 6, 2016


By: Hallie L.

In this picture I attempted to take a photo of the sunset. To take this picture, I adjusted the ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture to get the better effect of a sunset such as creating darkening around the water and light around the sunset area. I captured the water moving and all of the rocks in the water to compliment the sunset and I think the picture turned out really good. 


Photo by: Brooke M.

This photo is a ceramic turtle holding a pot with a post in it. I attempted to use the rule of thirds in this photo as up can see the turtle is all the way to the left side of the picture. I also used depth of field, the right side of the photo is blurred out so the turtle is the object that is in focused.


Photo By: Alissa M.

This photo represents one of my main types of taking photos. Taking nature photos is one of my favorites along with getting up close to the object to show detail. Showing detail of the image brings emotion to the photo along with giving information to the photo. This image was brought together very well by the colors being bright and vibrant. Not only do the colors bring together the photo but the object being so defined makes it look even better than it would without. This photo uses aperture well because it is focused well towards the front and then more blurred with the rest of the photo.