Monday, November 14, 2016

Si Trail

Photo By: Chase D.

Here we have a photo of a sign at Mount Si. The sign is very weathered and looks like it’s been there for a long time. I like the immense amount of detail in this photo and the rule of thirds aspect that I used. This photo is ultra-crispy and I enjoyed being the vast wilderness while I captured this key photo. 

Baby Todd

Photo by: Julene E

This is my baby, Todd. I was recreating the usual leave pile scene but with a doll. In front of the school there was a lot of leaves on the ground so I raked them up onto a pile and put baby Todd in the middle. The uniqueness of this photo is using a creepy doll of a cute shot. I am very happy with the results and the lighting is good for once. If I could do anything differently, I wouldn’t.

Rusty Wheel

Photo By: Sarah K.

I took this photo as part of our “Photo Walk” assignment in class. The idea of the assignment was to spend some time walking around, taking pictures of what we saw. This item caught my attention because it was a big wheelbarrow laying on its side in my neighborhood. To take the picture, I zoomed in pretty far to capture a unique perspective. I used depth of field while taking this picture, the right side of the photo is blurred out to draw attention to the pocus point. I like the way this picture turned out, but next time I would change the white balance because the picture had a little bit of a greenish tint.

Welcome to Autumn

Photo by: Sarah K

I took this photo as part of our “Autumn” assignment in class. The idea of the assignment was to spend some time walking around, taking pictures of things we noticed. This leaf caught my attention because dead leaves that have turned yellow or brown and are laying on the ground tend to be indicative of fall. I liked how this leaf remained trapped in the twigs on this tree and I thought it would make an interesting fall-themed picture. I zoomed it pretty far in order to fill the frame and get the depth of field that I wanted. Overall, I think this picture turned out pretty well, as it conveyed what my original idea for the photo was. However, I think I could have done a better job with the lighting in this picture. It was very sunny outside and I should have taken that more into account when choosing my ISO speed and white balance.

Gears and Chains

Photo By: Sarah K

I took this photo as a part of an assignment my photography class did working with different white balances. I experimented with a lot of different white balances for this photo before I found one that actually worked. In this picture, as well as working with white balance, I wanted to try and show an ordinary everyday object- a bicycle- from a different perspective. I zoomed in pretty far to fill the frame and achieve my desired depth of field; and got in close to the chains on the bike in order to get this picture. I like how it turned out because you can still tell what the object is, but it’s a way of looking at a bicycle that most people aren’t used to.

Lonely Light

Photo By: Rachael P.

This photo is of a dying tree against the sun. In this photo and others as well, the angel or the person looks up at the light, this picture is unique in the way that the light isn’t always the best way. The picture is gloomy and the plant is dying but of what and why? This photo is a good one and I hope I take more like this in the future.

Strong and Weak

Photo By: Rachael P.

This photo is a very pretty one and I’m glad I took it. The bases of this photo is to try and confuse a little bit. The subject is not happy but at the same time peaceful looking. Her arm shows strength with an open gesture yet its pulling a little of her hair like she is in pain. I like this photo because people have to look twice at it to get the meaning across to them. I didn’t really do any special lighting or anything to get this picture I was just telling the subject to pose how she wanted and gave her some ideas. To get a good picture one doesn’t need a good camera but also a great subject.

Hanging Beauty

Photo By: Rachael P.

This photo is one of my most favorite photos I have taken this year so far. In the photo is a hanging tree, due to the lighting from the sun setting the tree looks black. The sky however is a blue with clouds that are lit up with the last of the sun. It was very pretty when I saw the tree in my aunts’ front yard so I took multiple pictures of it. I am very happy with the photos that I took as well as this one. There is one thing I would do better on next time, I wouldn’t waste the moment.


Photo By: Kaitlin S.

I liked this photo because it uses the elements of composition. The flowers in front are in focus while the flowers in the background aren’t so that creates depth of field and emphasizes the main focal point of the picture. While taking the photo I also used the rule of thirds to make the image look better.


Photo By: Kaitlin S.
I liked this photo because it shows a lot of depth of field and it shows a lot of the detail on the flower. I also think the colors work together well. I also like hoe your eye immediately goes to the flower and not the background. The background being blurry helps emphasize the subject of the picture.


Photo By: Kaitlin S.
I chose this photo because I find it really cool because she is in mid-air. I like this photo a lot because it is of someone playing the same sport that I play so I have a personal connection to it. I also find it really cool because the action is stopped and you can tell that they are in action.


Photo By: Alissa M.
I like how this picture had the main leave in focus and then the rest mostly out of focus. I captured good colors with a solid grey background to make the leaves to stand out more than they usually would. I had a somewhat high shutter but not too high so that the photo wasn’t too dark but not too light. This photo was a good representation of fall along with the colors contributing to fall. In this photo I attempted to get the red/orange leave to be in the most focus and the rest out of focus and ended up being how I wanted it to be by using the right aperture, depth of field, and aperture.


Photo By: Alissa M.

This photo used a high shutter to make it darker, and a low aperture to make the object be in focus. This picture has very good lighting and I tried to get it in focus as much as I possibly could. I used rule of thirds well for the left corner, and I got good colors in the background and out of focus pretty well. The spikes are well defined and the white color got to be pretty vibrant.


Photo By: Alissa M.

This photo I took was a little difficult to capture because of the lighting, colors, and the background meshing with the object I wanted to be the main focus. I used a low aperture and I messed around with the shutter to make the photo the lighting I wanted. I centered the object because if I didn’t the background with mix with the object too much. The plant has good shades of oranges, reds, and yellows, along with purple, and green which made it stand out a little more because the background was all green.