Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Photo by: Brooke M.
For this photo is was on long exposures. U had gone out around 8 o’clock at night and set my shutter speed on a longer shutter. I had waited till cars came by on the over pass to get a cool looking picture od there tail lights going by.


RereH-HHS said...

This is a very nice photo. I love the colors and how everything blend so well. I also like how the shadow of the fence is on the car It gives it a cooler looking texture. You did a really nice job with this photo . KEEP IT UP!! -

Rere H- Hoover High School

ireigh gill said...

I think this photo can use more color added to it cause its kind of just a bland photo and maybe to watch backgrounds. the tree catches my eye but the first thing I notice is that pink bush in the background first which throws it off. but the detail held in the tree is really nice and clear.

ireigh gill said...

I really like all the detail behind and inside everything about this photo. it has good editing with photo shop to make that red ornament really stand out and along with the blur in the closer branches to show the focus in everything behind it